Veteran Spotlight

Mike Stevens, a Marine Corps Veteran, recently joined Orion's podcast.

In this podcast he discussed his military transition, what he enjoys most about working for Unilever, and his involvement with the company's Veterans Business Resource Group.


Michael Singer

Rank/Rate: Captain /O-3
Branch: U.S. Army
Military Job/MOS: Logistics Officer
Civilian Job Title: Category Procurement Analyst

"Unilever is a fantastic organization to work for. It trusts its employees - even new hires - with great responsibility, and gives you the freedom and autonomy to manage pivotal parts of the business. Unilever's focus on sustainable living inspires a strong sense of purpose that makes me proud to come to work each day.

As you transition from the military, make sure you can effectively translate your military experience to recruiters from Corporate America. In high-level terms, explain what you did in the military and why that experience will help the company achieve its goals. The interview is a two-way conversation; the company with which you are interviewing should be as much of a fit for you, as you are for it."

Nathan Ferree

Rank/Rate: Lieutenant /O-3
Branch: U.S. Navy
Military Job/MOS: Naval Aviator
Civilian Job Title: Logistics Lead

"Unilever stands by its employees and has a solid network of support for transitioning veterans. During my time in the Navy I gained focus, discipline, task and people management, and out-of-the-box thinking - all of which have helped me make a difference at Unilever.

My advice to transitioning service members is to highlight your soft skills. It's okay if you don't have specific experience in the job you're vying for, but you have to be able to show that you can quickly learn it and excel through that learning period."

John Norton

John Norton

Rank/Rate: Captain / O-3
Branch: U.S. Marine Corps
Military Job/MOS: Logistics Officer
Civilian Job Title: Customer Supply Chain Manager

"From day one, Unilever gives veterans a chance to succeed in corporate America. It's rare for a company as large as Unilever to place so much faith in confidence in a newcomer's abilities. It has been very rewarding to work for a company that trusts my experience and leadership.

My experience as a military officer not only prepared me for the demands at Unilever but helped to guide my efforts for career progression. I joined Unilever as a planner and became a manager after four years. I believe my service instilled within me discipline and an ability to adapt to an ever changing environment.

My advice to transitioning service members would be to use the same principles that made you successful in the military. Listen. Adapt. Innovate. A company like Unilever will take notice and put you on the fast track to management. All you have to do is ask and deliver."

Justin Giordano

Rank/Rate: First Lieutenant / O-2
Branch: U.S. Army
Military Job/MOS: Infantry Officer
Civilian Job Title: Bulk Logistics Specialist

Unilever has a veteran-friendly culture and it promotes a work / life balance. My time in service helped me to fundamentally understand team-driven operations and how to apply outside the box techniques to accomplish the mission.

Theresa Ha

Theresa Ha

Rank/Rate: Captain /O-3
Branch: U.S. Air Force
Military Job/MOS: Intelligence /Acquisitions Officer
Civilian Job Title: Strategic Planner for Skincare, North America

"Reach out to friends and friends of friends who have made the transition. Don't let the fear of the unknown drive your decision to stay or not stay in the military."

Matt DeCoito

Matt DeCoito

Rank/Rate: Lieutenant Commander
Branch: U.S. Navy
Military Job/MOS: Surface Warfare Officer
Civilian Job Title: Mix Processing Supervisor

"What helped me during my job search was to be open minded. List all the possible locations, cities/states/countries, in which you and your family would move to if you were offered a job. Additionally, list down all the different types of positions you would accept, the shift you would work, the percent of travel you feel comfortable with for a specific job, etc. I am not saying to list "anywhere", "any position", or "any shift" on your application, but don't handcuff yourself."