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Orion Talent offers the richest proprietary military database of leadership and technical talent within the industry. We help experienced, skilled, and committed military veterans find new careers with companies looking to expand their workforce, enhance their productivity, and improve their bottom line.

We started this business with a focus on military candidates and the excellence they bring to the workplace. We've expanded that commitment to power all your talent needs through our diversity and military-rich network of highly sought-after candidates. From Military Search to Military Hiring Projects, Military Hiring Events to Veteran Outreach, Orion Talent is deeply connected to the military community, and we have you covered.

There are many benefits to hiring veterans. Not only do they have exceptional leadership skills, but they're also problem solvers with a powerful work ethic. Hiring veterans makes good business sense.

Curious how Orion Talent's Military Hiring Solutions can help?

Orion Talent offers the richest proprietary military database of leadership and technical talent within the industry. We help experienced, skilled, and committed military veterans find new careers with companies looking to expand their workforce, enhance their productivity, and improve their bottom line.

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Orion Talent Military Hiring Solutions

Nearly 200,000 service members transition out of the military each year. Here are a few ways Orion Talent can connect you with them and build your talent pipeline.

Military Hiring Solutions

Military Talent Solutions

Advance your workforce capabilities and productivity with military and veteran candidates who bring skills, experience, commitment, focus, and drive to the job. Get started with Orion Talent's Military Hiring Solutions.

Military Search

Military Search

We operate on your timeline. We don't just provide the talent but instead target the ideal match for each and every candidate and customer. Complete this form to learn more about Military Search.

HirePurpose® Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction

HirePurpose Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction

Our HirePurpose® Military Veteran and Talent Attraction solution connects industry-leading companies with military veterans seeking a veteran-friendly workplace where they feel welcomed, valued, and supported. Learn more here about hiring veterans with our HirePurpose® Solution.

Military Hiring Projects

Military Hiring Projects

Orion is the nation's leading provider of best-in-class Military Talent Programs®, which enables organizations to attract, hire, develop, and retain military talent. We deliver a consistent quality and quantity of candidates, at a lower cost per hire, while incorporating brand marketing, training, and consulting to ensure optimal results. Learn about Military Hiring Projects.

A Few of Our Military Search Clients

We are proud to have worked with valued clients like those below to recruit veterans.

Why Hire Military Veterans?

Why Hire Military Veterans? Our military job seekers possess experience unmatched by their peers.

Candidate quality is second to none. Our military job seekers possess experience unmatched by their peers. They have demonstrated performance in high-stress situations, and are graduates of the nation's military academies, top colleges, and leading technical schools. Learn more about our Candidate backgrounds.

In addition to their invaluable experience and skills, military candidates come from a diverse talent pool, comprising 35% minority and women candidates. If you want technical expertise, leadership experience, commitment, focus and diversity, this is the place to start. Learn more about the benefits of hiring Military Candidates through Orion.

Success with Orion Talent's Military Hiring Solutions

I have had the pleasure of working with three representatives from Orion and they have all been enjoyable to work with and very responsive. They are fast and efficient at setting up the process, sourcing qualified candidates, and scheduling interviews.

- Sustainable and Customizable Packaging Solutions Company

The military candidates we hired through Orion possess a level of technical, mechanical, and electrical skill that is truly second-to-none. Orion consistently provides us with highly-qualified technicians to meet the very specific skillset required within our industry. The relationship we have developed with Orion is critical to our success, and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

- Operations Manager, Leading Provider of Military Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Service

How Does Orion Talent Work with You to Find Military Talent?



The quality of Orion's Military Grade Talent is unmatched. We have invested 30+ years in building and developing far-reaching networks in the military community so that you do not have to.



Our On Time process is smooth and efficient, and we operate on your timeline rather than requiring you to work on ours.



Rather than just providing the talent, we provide the right match, leading to an On Target hire, the best possible fit for each candidate and client company we represent.

Industries We Serve

Orion Talent recruits skilled specialists and professionals through our various talent solutions for a wide range of permanent and contingent roles across the following industries:

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FAQ Section

To optimize your military hiring strategy and attract top-notch candidates, develop a compelling employer brand that emphasizes your commitment to supporting veterans. Leverage the expertise of Orion Talent, the nation's largest military recruiting firm, to connect with a vast database of active duty and veteran candidates. Participate in Orion’s specialized military and veteran hiring events to maximize exposure. Utilize social media to showcase your company's dedication to hiring veterans and craft job descriptions with language that emphasizes transferable skills and the value veterans bring to your organization. Implementing a mentorship program for transitioning military hires can further enhance your reputation as a military-friendly employer.

Implementing best practices for recruiting military personnel involves establishing strong partnerships with military transition programs and organizations dedicated to veteran hiring. Optimize your job postings and leverage the expertise of Orion Talent to connect with an extensive network of active duty and veteran candidates. Streamline the application process and clearly articulate within your organization how military experience translates to civilian roles and why you value the diverse skills that veterans bring to the table.

Veterans bring many valuable skills to your organization, including leadership, teamwork, adaptability, and problem-solving. In addition, look for candidates with technical expertise relevant to your industry, as many veterans received specialized training while in the military. Assess their ability to work under pressure, handle stressful situations, and communicate effectively—all valuable skills in civilian roles.

Creating a military-friendly hiring process involves optimizing your approach to accommodate veterans. Designate specific points of contact within your HR team for military hiring solutions, and leverage the expertise of Orion Talent to assist veterans throughout the application process. Ensure interviewers are well-versed in translating military experience and can effectively evaluate candidates' skills. Promote inclusivity by recognizing and accommodating unique challenges that veterans may face during the hiring process.

Effectively translating military experience into civilian job qualifications is crucial for successful military hiring. Highlight transferable skills, such as leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving, in job applications. Craft job descriptions that use clear, jargon-free language, making it easier for veterans to understand how their skills align with the position. Collaborate with military transition programs and leverage the expertise of Orion Talent to develop resources that assist veterans in articulating their experiences. Showcase successful military hires within your organization as examples, enhancing your credibility in the realm of hiring veterans.

To foster a military-friendly workplace culture, optimize your company's environment to recognize and value the unique contributions of veterans. Establish employee resource groups or affinity networks for veterans. Offer training programs on military culture for employees and managers, and implement flexible policies to accommodate military obligations for those in the reserves. Encourage mentorship programs to facilitate the integration of veterans and showcase your commitment to creating a military-friendly work environment.