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CASE STUDY: Recruitment Marketing Success

Blend of local and digital Recruitment Marketing to create a pipeline of qualified talent for high-volume manufacturing roles. Download the case study here

CASE STUDY: Company Exclusive Hiring Event Success

Improving local market brand awareness and filling 20+ positions in a single day. Download the case study here


In our latest e-book, we quantify the skill and scale advantages of Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Download the full free ebook here

EBOOK: Voices in DEI Allyship & Action

This e-book is a collection of profiles on workforce experts who are passionate diversity champions with actionable advice for bringing creativity, strategy, and compassion to the important work that is DEI. Download the full free ebook here

VIDEO - Orion Talent Military Hiring Conferences - Interview Military Talent for Your Hiring Needs

Learn more about what to expect from an Orion Talent Military Hiring Conference. Watch our 90 second video

WEBINAR - Accelerating DEI with ERGs, Affinity Groups, & Diversity Committees

Watch five industry leaders share their experience building DEI-focused internal teams, determining their purpose, makeup, and responsibilities while also ensuring they are capable of driving the changes needed to advance DEI. Check out the full free webinar here.

WEBINAR - Back to the Basics: The Building Blocks of an Authentic DEI Strategy

Orion Talent and a panel of DEI and HR thought leaders focus on identifying the most important building blocks businesses need to turn their DEI intentions into effective programs that nurture inclusivity, expand diversity, create equity, and boost recruitment and retention. Check out the full free webinar here..

VIDEO - Orion Talent Recruitment Process Outsourcing

How do you prepare for the hiring challenges of tomorrow? By building your pipeline today! Check out this video to learn more about RPO from Orion Talent. .

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