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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Webinar Series

Quarterly sessions delivering strategic insights from industry leaders focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Learn from leading experts as they address hot topics, challenges and best practices across all aspects of DEI within their organizations. You'll gain practical advice and takeaways that you will be able to immediately implement.

EVPs That Stick: How to Build a Magnetic Employer Brand

Building a Magnetic Employer Brand

Top job seekers and candidates have their pick of opportunities today. With the competition for talent stiffer than ever before, it's critical to make sure your business is getting the right attention.

Watch Orion Talent's recent Webinar that will teach you how to build a brand and employer value proposition (EVP) job seekers can't resist. You'll gain real world employer brand strategies from an expert panel of business and talent acquisition leaders.

Belonging Matters: Building an Inclusive Culture

Building a Culture of Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace have never been more important. Our recent webinar, "Belonging Matters: Building an Inclusive Culture," focused on the "I" in DEI.

Moderated by Hirepurpose Co-Founder Steve Amsden, the hour-long webinar featured three leading HR experts who discussed strategies and tactics for creating a sense of belonging and building a sustainable, inclusive environment at work. They shared exclusive insights on the importance of inclusion within DE&I initiatives, ideas to help leaders become inclusion allies, tips on how to start an inclusion initiative right now in your organization, and how to utilize data to measure its success.

A Recruiting Win: Building a More Diverse Candidate Pipeline with Military Talent

Building a Diverse Candidate Pipeline

Hosted by Orion Talent and Hirepurpose, this hour-long webinar features the panelists' proven diversity recruitment strategies.

  • How to expand and diversify your candidate pools via veteran and military talent;
  • How will diversity recruitment look different in 2021 than in other years;
  • Case studies, including lessons learned


  • David Lee, Director of Military Community Initiatives of CVS

    David Lee
    Director of Military Community Initiatives

  • M.K. Palmore, VP Field Chief Security Officer (Americas) of Palo Alto Networks

    M.K. Palmore
    VP Field Chief Security Officer (Americas)
    Palo Alto Networks

  • Christianna Casanave, Director of National Accounts and Talent Programs at Orion Talent

    Christianna Casanave
    Director of National Accounts and Talent Programs
    Orion Talent

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Check out these additional Talent Acquisition Webinars from Orion Talent

Orion Talent's "Recruiting Beyond 2020" Webinar

Recruiting Beyond 2020

  • Diane Circo, VP of US Talent Acquisition for Siemens
  • Ashley Valenzuela-Ruesgen, Corporate Director of HR for Hensel Phelps
  • David Coe, Senior VP of Talent Programs for Orion Talent

In Recruiting Beyond 2020, these top HR leaders shared how they took the lessons from the pandemic and turned them into opportunities to drive lasting recruitment success that stretches far beyond 2020. Topics include:

  • Which remote recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding best practices to take forward - and which to leave behind.
  • How to turn talent acquisition "down time" into time spent on business-building activities.
  • Best practices for building culture in remote and hybrid environments.
  • Secrets to preserving work-life balance for the workforce (and for you!).
  • Insights into how nontraditional recruiting approaches, such as RPO, are helping organizations build back strategically.

Watch Orion Talent's "Why Staffing Fails" Webinar

Why Staffing Fails

  • Cory Kruse, President, Orion Talent RPO Solutions
  • Malaika Kattke, Senior Human Resources Manager, Americas Region for QAD Inc

This webinar offers two unique perspectives on building stronger relationships, from overcoming common roadblocks to incorporating performance metrics into strategic planning.

You'll find concrete steps HR leaders and professionals, Procurement managers, and Hiring managers can take to ensure they're just as engaged and enthusiastic about their talent partnerships six months in as when they signed the contract.

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