HirePurpose® Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction

Improve Your Military Veteran Sourcing & Talent Attraction with Orion Talent

Orion Talent's HirePurpose Military Veteran Sourcing. Military Veteran Sourcing strategy for employers.

HirePurpose® Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction

HirePurpose® Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction

Our HirePurpose® Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction solution connects industry-leading companies with military veterans seeking a veteran-friendly workplace where they feel welcomed, valued, and supported.

Orion Talent's military roots, rich proprietary military database, and over 30 years of industry experience differentiate us from our competitors. We are the first place that service members turn when seeking post-military employment, and our mission is to connect them with great employers.

Elevate, Engage, Develop, Streamline. Find military experienced candidates, Military Veteran Sourcing strategy for Military Veteran Sourcing

HirePurpose® Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction Solutions

  • HirePurpose® Military Jobs Distribution Network
  • Orion Talent Job Board and Job Alerts Distribution
  • Marketing Outreach & Content Creation
  • Marketing and On-Base Representation to the Active Duty Community

Why HirePurpose®?

HirePurpose® will position your company as a veteran Employer of Choice, enabling you to attract qualified candidates and exceed your hiring goals. We will help you showcase your veteran-friendly company culture, feature successful veterans within the organization, and highlight why your organization is a great place to build a career.

HirePurpose® Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction Solutions

  • Employment Branding

    Our proprietary Employment Brand evaluation analyzes your brand compared to others in your space, with insight and guidance on best practices. You will receive expert advice on your careers site, online footprint, social media presence, candidate experience, and much more. Orion's marketing and outreach campaigns will create a seamless online experience for potential candidates, attracted qualified applicants from which your team can source and recruit.

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  • Source & Screen

    We generate an applicant pipeline with customized solutions that include competitor and pay scale research, passive candidate identification, and active sourcing. Our recruiting team screens all applicants and presents you with a slate of talented candidates who are pre-qualified and well-matched for your open positions.

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Featured HirePurpose® Military Jobs Network Partners

We are proud to work with industry-leading partners like the ones below seeking to offer exciting careers to diverse talent.

  • Accenture
  • Airgas
  • American Water
  • Carrier
  • CoreCivic
  • CVS
  • FedEx
  • Fisher Investments
  • Hyatt
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Office Pride
  • Siemens Mobility, Inc.
  • Spring Window Fashions
  • T-Mobile
  • UPS
  • United Site Services
  • US Aviation Academy
  • US Foods

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Success with HirePurpose® Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction

At Expedia, we are guided by an inclusive purpose, so a partnership with Orion Talent through their HirePurpose® Military Veteran Sourcing was an easy decision. Orion is helping us amplify our strategic DEI objectives reaching candidates that represent a broad blend of backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences. We look forward to our continued partnership, ensuring each candidate knows that we celebrate and support them bringing their authentic self to work!

- Erik Elliott, Talent Advisor, Expedia

How Does Orion Talent Work With You To Find Great Talent?

Optimize Veteran Talent Access and Hiring Results

Building strategic Veteran objectives that foster growth and inclusion has never been more important. Explore how Orion Talent can optimize your veteran outreach.

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Military Talent Solutions

Advance your workforce capabilities and productivity with military veteran candidates who bring skills, experience, commitment, focus, and drive to the job. Check Out Orion Talent's webinars, podcasts, articles, and guides about military hiring. Learn More about Orion's military hiring capabilities.

Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction FAQS

How does HirePurpose® Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction work?

Orion's HirePurpose® Military Veteran Sourcing and Talent Attraction solution is designed to help you become a military veteran Employer of Choice. We will work by your side to develop a robust military hiring initiative, promote your veteran-friendly programs and affinity groups, and strategize your veteran retention strategy. Through base visits, our proprietary job board, targeted marketing efforts, and a personalized military talent acquisition strategy, we will connect top military talent with your open positions and help you meet your military hiring goals.

Why is hiring military veterans important?

Approximately 200,000 service members exit the military annually and transition into the civilian workplace. For many, this is an exciting opportunity to take on new challenges and build their future. For others, it is an incredibly stressful time. The military offered a stable job, a supportive community, and a sense of purpose; and that is all about to change. In addition, only 1 in 4 veterans have a job lined up after they leave the service. At Orion, it's our mission to change that. Veterans make up a significant talent pool seeking meaningful employment. They are eager to put the skills they acquired in the military to use, and they will make a positive impact on your business.

How can you improve your military veteran recruitment by using a talent attraction firm?

Working with a talent attraction firm like Orion Talent connects you with a far larger talent pool than you would reach on your own. In fact, we offer the industry's richest military database of leadership and technical talent. With over 30 years of experience serving the military community, we serve as a bridge between military service and a meaningful civilian career. Transitioning service members come to us as they prepare to exit the military, and we would love to connect them with your open jobs. There's no need to build out an in-house military veteran recruiting program; we've got you covered and are experts at what we do. We work closely with military transition offices to equip service members and their families with the tools and knowledge necessary to make their transition to civilian employment as smooth as possible.

How can hiring military veterans improve your business?

When you hire a military veteran, you bring on an experienced individual with technical education and training that will positively benefit your workplace. Military veterans are organized, disciplined, and great problem solvers. They possess a strong work ethic and leadership skills and they know how to follow processes and get the job done well and on time. Hiring veterans makes good business sense.

Does Orion Talent recruit for executive positions?

Absolutely. Military leaders may be a great fit for executive positions in a variety of industries. Learn more about our Professional Search & Recruitment Solutions.

What industries does Orion Talent serve?

We place military talent into a wide range of industries, including aerospace, alternative energy, automotive, banking & financial services, chemicals, construction, data center, engineering, field service, food & beverage, HVAC and building automation, IT, manufacturing, mechanical & electrical, medical technology, oil & gas, pharmaceutical & medical device, power & utilities, sales, semiconductor, supply chain & distribution, technology, telecommunications, and more.