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Orion Talent helps you fill 1 or 100,000 roles with the right people and the right solution, so you can build a winning team - today and into the future. We power all your talent needs through our diversity rich network of highly sought-after candidates, including an engaged community of veterans and military personnel. We connect you with ready-now candidates and design-led recruiting solutions that work for you. We're enriching lives and elevating the recruiting experience. Talent acquisition is our mission, and our mission isn't done until we've nailed it.

Our Journey  Our Journey to Total Talent Solutions

Orion Talent is a company known to break new ground in order to give businesses and job seekers more of what they need: opportunities and resources to excel at work. That is who we have been from the start when we were founded in 1991 with the mission to bring the energy, skills, and commitment abundant in military candidates to the greater marketplace, or, as we like to say, From the Battlefield to the Boardroom®.

By 2007 Orion Talent was the nation's largest military recruitment firm and had offices from coast to coast, 50+ annual hiring events, and the ability to rapidly place candidates when and where clients needed.

In 2016, Orion Talent acquired award-winning RPO firm Novotus and added recruitment process outsourcing, recruitment optimization and outsourcing capabilities to its skilled talent acquisition service offerings. The acquisition of Accolo followed in 2019, and further strengthened Orion's position in the RPO field. In October 2020, Orion Talent acquired Hirepurpose, a leading provider of diversity job posting distribution to the military and female candidates.

As of January 2022, Orion Talent is one brand, focused on creating design-led solutions that deliver winning talent. The company remains committed to its military DNA while developing a full-suite of technology-driven Talent Acquisition solutions, powered by a diversity-rich network of top talent.

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Join the world's most dedicated recruiting force and a team of high performers that believes in the enduring value of getting talented people into great jobs.

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