Testimonials from Veterans at PPL Electric Utilities

Veterans Mike Wagner and John Adkisson explain why PPL is a good fit for people transitioning out of the military.

Mike Wagner

John Adkisson

Anthony Pearson
Anthony Pearson

"I was blessed to graduate from boot camp on the Marine Corps' birthday, November 10, 1989. I served on active duty until 1993. During my time in service, I was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, the Southwest Asia Service Medal, and the Kuwaiti Liberation Medal, among several others.

I began working with PPL in May 2000. I'm the founder and current president of PPLVETS, a business resource group that raises awareness of veteran homelessness and PTSD, as well as honoring veterans who served in various conflicts from World War II and on. I'm also the co-founder and a member of PPL's Emergency Medical Response Team, and have been responsible for two life-saving events during my employment.

PPL has a long history and solid reputation as being a good corporate citizen within our communities. PPL provides meaningful and important work to deliver life-sustaining services to our customers. As a veteran, I very much feel drawn to work that helps and protects others. At PPL, we treat each other with respect and dignity, and work together to ensure that our employees are safe, our customers have power, and our communities are well-served.

PPL is an incredible employer, and a company to be proud of working for. The company is very fair to its employees, and as such, veterans could absolutely raise a family, and lead a successful life while working here." - Anthony Pearson, Senior Systems Analyst

Shelia Ketterer
Shelia Ketterer

I graduated in December 1991 from Georgia Tech with a commission through NROTC as a cryptologist. I attended initial cryptologic officer training in Washington, D.C., for four months and then reported to Naval Security Group Activity in Adak, Alaska, as the Collection & Analysis Division Officer. I was stationed in Adak for 18 months and then transferred to Ft. Meade, Md., as a participant in the Junior Officer Cryptologic Career Program. I completed a series of classroom assignments and cryptologic work group rotations during the three-year program before separating from the Navy in 1996 as a lieutenant. Prior to joining PPL, I worked in a variety of roles within Verizon.

I joined PPL in 2015 and was responsible for oversight and management of the Advanced Metering organization. Recently I've accepted a new role in Distribution Operations to help improve the efficiency and productivity of our work management systems and processes. This is a definite progression in my career.

The most rewarding thing about my career has been the ability to impact others through my leadership and mentorship. I've had the opportunity to work with people from a variety of backgrounds to help them identify and maximize their strengths and bring awareness to their opportunities.

I would recommend PPL to other veterans because there is an appreciation of the teamwork, leadership skills, dedication and commitment that veterans are able to bring to the company. Those skills translate very well into the culture at PPL and the behaviors that PPL holds as fundamental for success. The work we do here is also something that veterans can identify with - there is a clarity of purpose with our mission and vision, which is familiar to those of us who have served." - Shelia Ketterer, Director

"Before joining PPL in 2012, I served in the Army as a Kiowa Warrior pilot. I was deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan as a platoon leader and troop commander.

Since joining PPL, I've been promoted three times. I joined the team as a transmission project manager and am now the regional director of operations. The most rewarding thing about my career with PPL has been utilizing my leadership and managerial skills I developed in the military to drive business results.

My advice to transitioning service members would be to be patient and open to different opportunities. I have held different positions at PPL that I never imagined I'd be in, but they gave me the skills and confidence to progress to the next role." - Adam Morse, Regional Director of Operations

"I spent five years as a nuclear surface warfare officer serving onboard the USS McFaul and USS George H.W. Bush in support of multiple maritime operations, including Counter Piracy Operations and Operation Enduring Freedom.

I began working with PPL in May 2014. Since joining PPL, I have led a team developing the first-ever operationalized machine learning application, resulting in higher reliability of outage prediction capability systemwide.

Coming from the military, I've been successful at leading sustainable, reliable performance with multiple teams by adapting to the environment and driving priorities, ensuring mission-critical readiness. In the corporate environment, I use these same skills on a weekly basis.

It's easy to stand behind PPL and its mission. The work that we do has a direct impact on arguably one of the most critical services to the public - electrical power. It is work like this that makes this job most rewarding. I would recommend PPL as a place for fellow veterans to work because they have a strong commitment to better their employees through personal and professional development." - Colleen Lauver, Supervisor, Distribution Asset Investment Strategy