Veteran Spotlight at Phillips 66



With approximately 14,000 employees working worldwide, Phillips 66 values the knowledge, diversity and contributions of our employees and believes that they help differentiate the company from other companies today and in the future. Why should you consider a career with Phillips 66? Our people say it best.


Trevor Frank, Instrumentation Technician, Phillips 66

From Article: Why You Should Transition to a Trade
By: Marty Levine, G.I. Jobs
Military Service: Sergeant, Marine Corps (2007-2012)
MOS: Aircraft Electrical/Instrument/Flight Control Systems Technician, Rotor Wing, IMA (6433)

What do you do?
I perform critical instrument tests, troubleshooting and repairing of instrumentation equipment such as flow, level and temperature meters, transmitters, and various types of valves.

Whats the coolest thing about your job?
For me its the camaraderie, the sense of brotherhood, the genuine desire to help the man or woman next to you.

Best advice for military job seekers?
Continue to expand your knowledge, network and stay positive. Education is always good to have regardless of the field of work you wish to pursue. Get your name out there, make new contacts that can potentially open doors.

Moses Zamora, Pipefitter,
Phillips 66

"The most rewarding thing about my career with Phillips 66 so far is being able to provide for my family. That's number one to me. I am enjoying a real retirement plan and bonuses. Phillips 66 takes excellent care of their employees and honestly cares about our success."

Wilfred Cill, Instrumentation, Phillips 66

"Phillips 66 is very military friendly. The salary and benefits are great. After a year at Phillips 66, I am hoping to move into the Process Operator position when my training is completed. The company is very flexible in terms of letting you choose your career path. And veterans will feel at home working here."

Jordan Delaney, Assistant Operator, Phillips 66

"Orion Talent has made me the happiest guy in the world. I'm at Phillips 66 the oil refinery in NJ, and the best part is that I went from E-3 pay to O-5 pay. I am always telling my former shipmates to check Orion out and set up a profile on your website. Once again, thanks a million; and I hope Orion keeps up the great work."

Audi Rattanawelu, Electrician, Phillips 66

"I found Orion at just the right time. My new career perfectly fits with my abilities in the military. Orion made the hiring process simple - they found the right person to match all the requirements, salary, and location. I appreciate all they did for me!"



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