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Position ID: # EB-9030031572
Date Posted: 5/30/2017 3:54:25 PM
Location: Kansas City, MO
Industry: Aerospace
Salary: $80,000 - $110,000

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Project Manager
Position ID: # EB-2425961950
Date Posted: 5/30/2017 2:56:39 PM
Location: Washington DC, DC
Industry: Chemicals
Salary: $75,000 - $100,000

Job Description

Amazing Opportunity to join a rapidly growing Tech Company!

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Project Manager
Position ID: # EB-6216552052
Date Posted: 5/30/2017 2:46:51 PM
Location: Honolulu, HI
Industry: Chemicals
Salary: $75,000 - $100,000

Job Description

Amazing Opportunity to join a growing tech company as a Project Manager.

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Process Engineer (Assembly)
Position ID: # EB-1828656065
Date Posted: 5/30/2017 11:08:55 AM
Location: Wauseon, OH
Industry: Transportation
Degree is Required
Salary: $50,000 - $70,000

Job Description

Outstanding opportunity with $6B company in the Automotive Industry. Must be a top-performing, technically minded leader with a history of results. Ideal candidate with be great communicator with outstanding work-ethic.

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Controls Engineer
Position ID: # EB-1171069628
Date Posted: 5/30/2017 11:02:43 AM
Location: Wauseon, OH
Industry: Transportation
Salary: $70,000 - $95,000

Job Description

Excellent Engineering position for leading Automotive Manufacturing company. Must have B.S. in Electrical Engineering. If chosen, you will have the ability to grow within a $6B company and be promoted to higher levels of responsibility.

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Branch Manager Trainee
Position ID: # EB-8479198386
Date Posted: 5/30/2017 10:33:55 AM
Location: Midwest, MW
Industry: Distribution/Logist
Salary: $50,000 - $55,000

Job Description

Outstanding Leadership Development program for forward-thinking leaders who are willing to learn a brand-new industry, make an immediate impact, and grow professionally. Ideal for leaders with a strong leadership presence with a track record for getting results.

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Equipment and Facilities Technician
Position ID: # EB-1688158169
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 3:14:22 PM
Location: Burlington, NC

Job Description

Position Description
As an Equipment and Facilities Technician, your responsibilities will include:

• Performing repair and maintenance on manufacturing/facility equipment, buildings, and grounds.
• Developing and implementing repairs to meet business needs and applicable Federal and State regulations.
• Supporting company’s Manufacturing & Facility equipment preventative maintenance programs while adjusting to the continuously changing priorities of production and business needs.
• Preparing scope of work, securing estimates, and obtaining cost quotes as needed.
• Carrying out environmentally conscious disposal of manufacturing and facility waste streams.
• Maintaining up to date records in support of any company, federal, state, local and insurance-related periodic and annual inspections.
• Supporting arrangement and monitoring of appropriate third-party contractor activities.
• Being proficient in utilizing shop tools to perform repair and maintenance functions.
• Utilizing maintenance skills including, but not limited to, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, troubleshooting and repair of manufacturing and facility equipment, systems, and structures.
• Performing carpentry, plumbing, masonry, painting, and janitorial as needed.
• Supporting installation, modification, relocation, and removal of equipment and materials.
• Diagnosing equipment and facility problems, replacing/repairing parts, testing and making adjustments.
• Using a variety of hand and power tools, electronic test equipment, analysis tools, and material handling equipment in performance of duties.
• Working well within a team environment and being flexible with work hours, overtime, shifts, weekend work, holiday work, travel, etc.
• Utilizing appropriate safety devices for work performed.
• Providing technical safety and health support and information to company safety director.
• Assisting with implementation and maintenance of controls to minimize safety and occupational health hazards.
• Serving as a member of the company Safety Committee and performing tasks related to environmental initiatives.
• Keeping in compliance with all OSHA regulations.
• Maintaining a clean and organized work area.
• Being flexible with job assignments and able to quickly master new tasks.
• Understanding safety/ergonomics to incorporate practices during all work processes.

Position Details:
Location: Burlington, NC
Salary: $20-$25/hr
Shift Work: Start on 1st shift, then probably move to 2nd shift.
Benefits: Our client offers a comprehensive Health Care Program which includes medical and dental plan options, vision care, prescription drug coverage, telemedicine, and an Associate Assistance Program. Additionally, you will be offered short and long term disability, life and accident insurance, paid sick and vacation time, and 401K with a dollar for dollar match up to 6% of your base, plus a company contribution based on years of service. Other benefits are also available.

• Must have a high school diploma or GED.
• Must have a minimum of three years of facility or equipment maintenance experience preferably in a manufacturing environment.
• An Associate’s degree in mechanical, electrical, or industrial maintenance/engineering is a plus.
• IPG Laser Systems, Siemens CNC, Allen Bradley PLC, Fanuc/Kuka Robotic experience a plus.
• Must have experience/knowledge in building and equipment maintenance and a working knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems.
• Must be able to read, interpret, establish, and control drawings, schematics, and blueprints.
• Must have experience with analysis of technical issues in area of expertise.
• Must possess computer skills to utilize MES (Manufacturing Execution System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and equipment monitoring/control systems for PM management, analysis, and documentation.
• Must have a basic understanding of analysis/investigative tools and systems.
• Must have advanced electrical knowledge (up to 480VAC). Must have an understanding of how to apply electrical skills to PLC’s, CNC’s, Robots, Servo Systems, Electrical Systems, as well as mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic troubleshooting and repair skills to these machine components.
• Must have familiarity with regulatory agency requirements (OSHA regulations, NEC Code, NFPA-70E and NFPA-79) to assure compliance.
• Must have a strong mechanical aptitude with ability to use shop hand and power tools.
• Must have strong hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, electrical and industrial skills.
• Must be able to make judgment/proposals on findings within documented guidelines.
• Must be able to interface with all types of mechanical, electrical and all other contractors.
• Must be able to use troubleshooting skills within area of expertise.
• Must be able to apply analytical problem solving skills.
• Must possess a demonstrated ability to support continuous improvement.
• Must have strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills with the ability to work within an international environment.

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Plant Engineer
Position ID: # EB-1424774514
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 2:53:39 PM
Location: Ontario, CA
Industry: Food

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Program Manager
Position ID: # EB-9773202572
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 2:48:17 PM
Location: Newark, CA
Industry: High Tech

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Assistant Supervisor
Position ID: # EB-1352061413
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 2:21:55 PM
Location: San Jose, CA
Industry: Construction

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Position ID: # EB-9198150842
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 1:58:53 PM
Location: Alameda, CA
Industry: Medical

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Systems Engineer
Position ID: # EB-7624688960
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 1:49:20 PM
Location: Bay Area, CA
Industry: High Tech

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Center Manager
Position ID: # EB-1890928172
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 1:39:43 PM
Location: Houston, TX
Industry: Medical

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Product Engineer
Position ID: # EB-1354645569
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 1:38:22 PM
Location: Milpitas, CA
Industry: Semiconductor

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Position ID: # EB-1276757637
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 11:22:13 AM
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Industry: Data Centers

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Project Lead
Position ID: # EB-2130641839
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 11:18:04 AM
Location: San Diego, CA
Industry: Semiconductor

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Project Engineer
Position ID: # EB-3189847241
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 11:12:42 AM
Location: San Clemente, CA
Industry: Construction

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Plant Manager
Position ID: # EB-1477088724
Date Posted: 5/26/2017 10:02:02 AM
Location: North Haven, CT
Industry: Chemicals

Job Description

Position Description
As a Plant Manager, you will be responsible for effectively planning, directing and coordinating all activities at the assigned plant. Additional responsibilities will include:

• Providing direction, ensuring resources and managing programs to ensure the plant's safety and environmental performance to meet established goals.
• Developing and implementing plans to reduce waste, meeting applicable regulatory standards and handling emergencies that may arise at the site.
• Prioritizing tasks and scheduling accordingly as you develop a plant operating plan that is consistent with and supports the overall business plan while determining what resources are required to successfully implement the operating plan and then secure them.
• Maintaining the performance goals and standards of the plant, while also constantly looking for new ways to better improve quality, efficiency and quality by developing employees through training, involvement programs and other programs to create a strong team environment.
• Maintaining the “Big Picture,” and adjusting accordingly to the company’s annual plan and goal outlines while still identifying the key people that are able to keep things running smoothly and developing them to move forward in their career as well.

Position Details:
Location: North Haven, CT
Salary: $109K-$118K, depending on experience + 15% bonus potential. You can potentially earn $121K-$130K.
Shift Work: Not a shift based position, but as a higher-level management role, expect to work extra hours during the day and the weekends in order to stay on top of tasks and personnel.
Supervisory: Production Supervisor, Manufacturing Managers, and Human Resources personnel will all be directly reporting to you. This is a key leadership position within the company that will require you to know your personnel and their day-in and day-out activities that pertain to the continuing operations of the plant.
Benefits: Our client offers a competitive salary, incentives and benefits plan to eligible employees. Benefits include medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability, spending accounts and 401(k) and Paid Time Off (PTO).

• Must be a former Military Officer with a strong background in leadership experience.
• Any background in Chemical or Plastics would be preferred, or an understanding of Medical and Healthcare manufacturing. SAP enterprise resource planning experience is also a plus.
• Must be able to mentor and develop direct and indirect reports.
• Must be good at setting clear expectations and making sure that people are being held accountable to them.
• Must be able to manage to the numbers but not forget the people that are required to hit those numbers.
• Must be able to focus on the fine details without losing the big picture view.

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Test technicians
Position ID: # EB-1893925910
Date Posted: 5/25/2017 4:57:58 PM
Location: Hawthorne, CA
Industry: Aerospace

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Equipment Technician
Position ID: # EB-1765994171
Date Posted: 5/25/2017 4:16:50 PM
Location: Salinas, CA
Industry: Corrugated/Paper

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Field Service Engineer
Position ID: # EB-1096541213
Date Posted: 5/25/2017 3:59:59 PM
Location: SCALIF, CA
Industry: Telecommunication
Salary: $60,000 - $95,000

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Process Engineer
Position ID: # EB-6446254597
Date Posted: 5/25/2017 3:49:17 PM
Location: Temecula, CA
Industry: Semiconductor

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Position ID: # EB-1287550171
Date Posted: 5/25/2017 3:32:27 PM
Location: Mesa, AZ
Industry: Semiconductor

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