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  • About IAC

International Automotive Components (IAC) is the third largest automotive interior components supplier in the world by market share and the only global supplier with a singular focus on interiors. Its manufacturing operations are segmented into three geographic regions: North America, Europe, Asia/ROW.

IAC's products are designed to improve interior vehicle comfort, convenience, utility and safety. They include:

  • Cockpits & Overhead Systems
  • Door and trim systems
  • Instrument panels, consoles and cockpits
  • Headliner and overhead systems
  • Soft Trim & Acoustics
  • Flooring and acoustic systems

IAC solutions can critically influence consumer purchasing decisions across vehicle segments with improved comfort, convenience, safety, cost and weight. The company's broad manufacturing capabilities and technologies provide an array of solutions that meet a variety of customer design and cost requirements. IAC's products offer opportunities for OEMs to increase personalization and the use of environmentally-sustainable materials in the next generation of vehicle interiors.

IAC is headquartered in Luxembourg, and its strong global footprint includes more than 32,000 employees at approximately 100 locations in 22 countries.

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