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From Military Veteran Associates

Honda values their associates. Here are some first hand accounts from their Military Veteran associates.



I would absolutely recommend Honda. The benefits are excellent, and the company takes great measures to ensure the proper care of their employees.
- Nathanael Downer, Equipment Service Technician, Honda (former Navy Electronics Technician)


My electronics background from the Navy quickly carried over to my current job. Studying relay logic and simple electronic circuits has assisted in the understanding of complex robot controllers, conveyor systems, and PLC logic, including interlocks, step counters, timers, encoders and decoders. Time onboard the ship has helped me with mechanical aspects, such as bearing removal and replacement, electronic troubleshooting, hydraulic system troubleshooting, etc.

Honda has many benefits as an employer. They treat their employees as an asset. What you put into Honda, you will get right back in return. I was selected off of the floor for the Weld Shop Innovation team, which has allowed me to see many aspects of the manufacturing process. It has given me an opportunity to research and understand the process of setting up a manufacturing facility to build a product. It has also allowed me to build relationships and further my career.
- Jason Deitrick, Equipment Service Technician, Honda (former Navy Nuclear EM)


The team environment at Honda is just as good, if not better, than the military. Ninety percent of the people here are willing to go out of their way to help the team. I really enjoy working with my co-workers and helping to develop younger members to take the next step in their career.
- Adam Wilson, Purchasing Coordinator, Honda (former Army Engineer Officer)


I'm very happy that my position at Honda allows me to provide for my family comfortably. My military training has led me to this great position, and I am looking forward to advancing my career as best as I can!
- Bobby Gavin, Equipment Service Technician, Honda (former Army Generator Mechanic)


Honda genuinely cares for their veterans. The company understands veterans' needs. They do everything they can to ensure a successful transition for those coming directly from military service. The company is also very supportive and accommodating to continued service in the Guard or Reserves.
- Jason Meade, Business Coordinator, Honda (former Army Contracting Officer)


Even though I haven't been with Honda for very long, I would definitely recommend them to my fellow veterans as a great place to work. They offer good pay, great benefits, and continued training in the field.
- Joseph Hartzell, Equipment Service Technician, Honda (former Navy Nuclear Electrician's Mate)


Honda is very veteran friendly. They understand your military experience, and are patient with training. Even though I just started my position, I can tell there is plenty of room for career advancement.
- Jonathan (David) Huffman, Buyer Associate, Honda (former Army Transportation Officer)


Since working at Honda, I have acquired knowledge in the electrical field that I wouldn't have acquired in the military. They offer great opportunities for veterans.
- Chris Baier, Equipment Service Technician, Honda (former USMC Avionics Technician)

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