Veteran Friendly

Nearly 15% of Bell and Howell's employees are military veterans. The company values the technical skills many veterans possess, and believes they are a great match for its Field Service Technician roles. Veterans are responsible, dedicated and possess leadership skills that are important for success within Bell and Howell.

Bell and Howell offers tuition reimbursement for qualified courses and degree programs. For military training deployments, the company will supplement the employee's military pay, up to their normal base salary, for the first 26 weeks of leave.

Veteran Spotlight

Tim Green and Jonathan Paul are used to overcoming challenges, having served in the United States Army for several years. And that ability has helped them transform Bell and Howell into one of the top service companies in the print and mail industry.

"The distinct similarity between Bell and Howell and the military is teamwork," said Green, who works as a service site supervisor. "I can always count on my teammates here to help me and ensure that the customer is always happy."

Paul, a customer service engineer, added that Bell and Howell is a great place to work for veterans because of the opportunities. "There's a freedom to think outside the box," he said. "You get to figure things out on your own and find solutions, as long as you follow safety guidelines."

Both agreed that Bell and Howell has been a good fit for them and added that it is a good place for veterans to grow professionally. "We are always looking for highly-skilled people," Green said. "There is very little turnover and the average tenure is about 20 years for most folks."

Paul added that the recruitment and hiring process was extremely smooth for him. "I went to a job fair and they interviewed me," he said. "And after internal candidates were vetted, I was notified that I was hired. After some training to get me up to speed, I was on the job working alongside experienced Bell & Howell technicians." Green said that veterans applying to Bell and Howell can expect a couple of things upon hire. "You will be challenged daily and paid well for your contributions," he said.