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Andrea Mongiello

"My time in service prepared me to calmly and clearly communicate with customers and proactively communicate with both coworkers and supervisors. Atlas Copco is very proud of their veterans and entirely supportive of those who wish to continue serving their country in the Reserves/National Guard." - Andrea Mongiello, Service Technician, Atlas Copco Compressors (Former Nuclear Machinist Mate, Navy)

"The most rewarding thing about my career so far is the ability to help customers in need and solve problems. I feel a sense of accomplishment making customers happy with the proper solution. I would recommend Atlas Copco to fellow Veterans because it is family oriented and a great place to work. There's a lot of camaraderie amongst the Technicians, very similar to military life." - James Lyman, Field Service Technician, Atlas Copco Compressors (Former Machinist Mate, Navy)

"Veterans are not only exceptional, but proven leaders. Atlas Copco acknowledges and respects our military service." - Doug Ebbing, Technical Support, Atlas Copco Compressors (Former Engineman, Navy)

"Atlas Copco has a very good training program. They are a growing company with good management." - Adam Mysliwy, Technician, Atlas Copco Compressors (Former Avionics Technician, Navy)

"My military service taught me the importance of work ethic and getting the job done, regardless of the time it takes. I would absolutely recommend Atlas Copco Compressors to other veterans." - Joseph Ruh, Field Service Technician, Atlas Copco Compressors (Former Nuclear Electrician's Mate)