• Ardagh Group Testimonials
  • Ardagh Group Testimonials

Careers, not jobs:

"I've worked at Ardagh Group since 2003. I was hired as an Inventory Accountant, and about three years later was promoted to Operational Accounting Manager. As I transitioned out of the military, I wish I had known how to get in contact with recruiters that represented outstanding employers like Ardagh. Job searching is more than prepping for interviews. The most critical and difficult thing to do is to target exemplary employers like Ardagh. Once you are hired by a company like Ardagh, you have a job that you will want to keep for the remainder of your life." - Ronald Carr, Operational Accounting Manager, Ardagh Group (USMC, Hawk Radar Technician, E-6)

"Since joining the company in 2012, I was promoted to Systems Administration Supervisor in 2014. My area of responsibility has grown significantly. The growth opportunity has been amazing. Year after year, I continue to be challenged, and my skill set continues to grow. Now as a supervisor, there is a whole new area of growth potential." - James Burt, Systems Administration Supervisor, Ardagh Group (USMC, Air Traffic Controller, E-4)

"Ardagh Group recruits from the military, because we know how to manage our time. Veterans that are loyal, dependable and manage their time wisely will find themselves promoted up the ranks at an accelerated pace." - Troy Varner, Maintenance Supervisor, Ardagh Group (US Navy, Nuke ET, E-7)

Mark Myers

"My time in the military provided me with the necessary skills, such as time management, attention to detail, and understanding preventative maintenance, for structuring my day-to-day tasks. The opportunity to advance at Ardagh Group and share my knowledge I have gained in my 24 years of experience in the glass industry has been very rewarding. The company provides an excellent opportunity for anyone who desires to learn and advance from within an industry that is challenging and rewarding." - Mark Myers, Manager, Finish, Ardagh Group (US Navy, Damage Controlman 2nd Class Petty Officer, E-5)

"I started as an hourly employee with Ardagh Group and worked my way up. Ardagh's willingness to promote within and dedication to excellence makes it a great place for veterans to work." - Jerry Stewart, Batch and Furnace Manager, Ardagh Group (US Air Force, Security Specialist, E-5)

"Ardagh Group and the glass industry as a whole are full of opportunities and challenges. Ardagh is a great company to work for, allowing its people to grow professionally and even change careers within the company. In less than six years, I have been promoted twice from Site Energy Manager to Plant Engineering Manager to Procurement Manager." - Jim Bologna, Procurement Manager, Cullet & Energy, Ardagh Group (US Army, 63B, E-4)

"I have worked my way from general laborer to Forming Supervisor at Ardagh Group. Training and mentoring new employees to fast track them to success is a very rewarding part of my career. A few of the people I trained have also taken management positions. The team atmosphere around us is much like the military. We all look out for each other and work as a unit/team, management and hourly employees alike.

Ardagh Group is a challenging and rewarding place to work. No two days are the same and it keeps you on your toes. Ardagh Group is a place for motivated people to move into higher positions and rewards you for the great work you put in. They are always looking for better ways and ideas to improve operations and understand that listening to employees is the best way to do so." - Daniel Wenzel, Forming Supervisor, Ardagh Group (US Army, Infantry, E-4)

"Ardagh Group has been very good to me. It has been a great company to work for, and there is opportunity to move up from entry level positions if you are willing to put in the work and dedication to do so. It's great to work for a company that cares about its employees and to be rewarded for doing a good job by promoting me to the position I am in now. At Ardagh, it seems to me that they appreciate your experience as much as your education." - Blake Everhart, Machine Repair Manager, Ardagh Group (USMC, Avionics Technician, E-3)

LeComfort Barnes

"Ardagh Group has afforded me the opportunity to work and develop a career in the same community I was born and raised in. Many of the attributes that veterans have, such as being fast learners, adaptable, problem solvers, and excellent communicators are the skills that make veterans ideal candidates to lead Ardagh going forward.

The military grooms you to be flexible and adaptable, which is a necessary attribute in a fast-paced environment such as manufacturing. My military background also prepared me to be calm and collective in most situations, which is also an attribute necessary for day-to-day operations inside the plant. I believe no transition is seamless, but Ardagh does a very good job of providing the foundation you need to be successful by providing training and executive mentors." - LeComfort Barnes, FMPDP, Ardagh Group, (US Army, 42B, O-3)

Gregory Pforter

"I look forward to coming to work and learning something new every day at Ardagh Group. Everyone here is willing to help and wants to see you succeed and meet your goals. Ardagh Group is continually growing and seeking ways to improve and move forward. There are ample opportunities for career progression for individuals that show initiative and are motivated to excel.

When I was first seeking a career, I wish I had known that Ardagh Group had an active interest in pursuing veterans. Military officers already embody Ardagh's core values of teamwork, excellence and trust. This is the foundation that Ardagh is seeking in order to be successful, achieve the company's vision, and be the best. Explore Ardagh Group's career opportunities, and see if it's a good fit. Ask yourself if you have what it takes to be a team player that can make positive contributions on a daily basis to achieve a common goal and make strides for improvement in a manufacturing environment." - Gregory Pforter, FMPDP, Ardagh Group (US Army, 92A, O-3)

"I have been promoted from Account Manager to Director of Business Development during my time here at Ardagh Group. Working with good teams here has been great. Just like in the military and on sports teams I have played with, most of the satisfaction I get is in helping my teammates. Like the military, your coworkers are counting on you, and we are all in this together." - David Humes, Director Commercial Business Development, Ardagh Group (US Air Force, Aircraft Load Master Trans and Logistics, E-7)

Jim Young

"I am currently working through the initial six month training program as part of the first group of veterans in Ardagh Group's Former Military Leadership Program. Having military leadership skills is crucial on the plant floor. You have to understand the workforce around you, the issues that both the personnel and equipment present, and be able to work with both to create the best possible product to sell to the customer. Military leaders don't get flustered under pressure and understand how to get the best out of people to get that mission accomplished.

Ardagh Group has taken the time to understand what capabilities veterans bring to the work force and how Ardagh can benefit from those skills and experiences. Everyone that I've met from the executive level to the plant floor level has been excited that Ardagh has made this step and are excited about the benefits that it will bring." - Jim Young, Military Leadership Development Program, Ardagh Group (US Air Force, Force Support Office, O-4)

"Taking my military training and turning it into a career in the Maintenance field has taken me on a journey that you wouldn't believe. Ardagh Group not only hires vet, but develops them into leaders to help better the company." - Stanley Bass, Cold End Maintenance Supervisor, Ardagh Group (US Army, 24E40, E-4)

"Ardagh Group is a great company to work for and provides a stable foundation and countless advancement opportunities." - Jacob Willis, Mould Engineer, Ardagh Group (US Army, Chem, Bio, Rad, Nuclear Specialist, E-3)

Brian Klean

"Ardagh Group is very veteran friendly! I originally started as an hourly employee, then applied for a shift supervisor position, and finally as Manager, Job Change. There is plenty of room for growth as long as you are willing to learn and achieve. My biggest accomplishment has been making progress towards my Six Sigma green belt.

Getting promoted as fast as I did was very rewarding after putting in a lot of hard work. This job is a constant learning curve, with lots of variables and skills to learn. There is always something new, and learning daily is very constructive and rewarding." - Brian Klean, Production Job Change Manager, Ardagh Group (USMC, Multi-channel Equipment Operator, E-5)

Michael Calvillo

"I came to the company and assumed the Quality Manager position at the Burlington plant. After three years, I accepted a position in Technical Services. The glass industry is very demanding. Like the military, you have to commit to the team and the objective, no matter how difficult and demanding situation is. The military trained and taught me to stay the course. This has served me well in my career at Ardagh Group. Military personnel are wired for the type of work we do here at Ardagh." - Michael Calvillo, Technical Service Engineer, Ardagh Group (US Navy, Diver, E-9)