ABB Careers

Realize your potential with a world leader.

When you work at ABB, you have the opportunity to build a legacy and create a better world. To join the company, you need intelligence, integrity, a global mindset and the desire to make a difference.

Whatever your role at ABB, you can be sure you are helping to create a better world. From building sustainable power plants in remote corners of the world, or improving safety for workers in automotive factories, to developing new technologies to combat pollution, the work ABB does touches the lives of millions.

The level of support, career development and opportunities that ABB's employees enjoy is among the best in the business world. The company strives to make sure that employees get everything they need to realize their full potential, relying on a mix of structured talent management and learning offerings.

ABB's benefit programs encompass a wide array of offerings and typically include pension, life insurance, access to medical facilities, work-life balance programs (eg, flexible working hours or possibility to work from home), welfare programs (eg, medical screening), lifestyle benefits and others.

Performance programs
ABB thrives on your performance, and its programs are aimed to increase employee interest in ABB's business goals and results.

Various programs, which are global and country-specific in nature, are positioned in line with respective market conditions and typically include share plans, profit sharing, rewards, sales incentives and so on.