Post-Military Careers for Technical NCOs

7/26/2022 9:28:31 AM

You’ve earned your position of authority through the enlisted ranks, and now you’re ready to separate from the military and are looking for a civilian career that recognizes your intrinsic leadership abilities and technical know-how.

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Building an Exceptional Employee Experience at Panduit

7/21/2022 3:15:26 PM

How can companies curate their employee experience in order to retain top talent in today’s competitive market?

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JDog Brands Celebrates National Hire a Veteran Day

7/19/2022 11:04:44 AM

National Hire a Veteran Day (July 25, 2022) is an annual reminder for job seekers and employers alike of the value Veterans bring to the workforce.

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How to Avoid Getting Stuck in a Pit and Other Helpful Recruiting Tips

7/14/2022 8:47:09 AM

Choosing the right talent solution can sometimes feel like a “choose your own adventure” book.

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How to Leverage SkillBridge to Upskill Military Talent

7/13/2022 9:57:08 AM

Department of Defense SkillBridge is a program that offers skills training and internships to transitioning service members through an Authorized SkillBridge Organization.

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Virginia's Booming Data Center Industry

7/12/2022 12:16:47 PM

Have you ever wondered where the internet actually “lives”?

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What’s Next? Post-Military Careers for Combat Arms Personnel

7/6/2022 1:42:38 PM

While military applications for Combat Arms personnel are extensive– with opportunities across branches of service on land, in the air, and at sea– you may be wondering how these skills will transfer to civilian employment.

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How to Reduce Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

7/5/2022 1:16:12 PM

Unconscious bias is a tricky thing– it is inherently present in all of us, and therefore plays a part in the recruiting process.

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Military Veterans: An Untapped Source of Semiconductor Talent

6/30/2022 10:22:38 AM

The talent shortage is hitting industries across the board hard. The Great Resignation, a lack of technical school graduates, and low unemployment are particularly high hurdles for skilled manufacturing companies such as those in the semiconductor industry.

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Find Your Next Career at an Orion Hiring Conference

6/28/2022 10:20:27 AM

An Orion Hiring Conference is an excellent opportunity to interview with multiple companies for positions that are a match with your background, skills, and preferences. Read on for more information about what an Orion Hiring Conference entails and our upcoming events.

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