Orion Talent Testimonials

Testimonials From Transitioning Military Veterans

Orion has found careers for over 47,000 veterans with almost 7,500 client companies. They come from diverse backgrounds and transitioned through a variety of methods at different times in their career.

Want to read testimonials specific to your possible situation? Read below to learn more about the experience of our candidates who found civilian career success through Orion.

Enlisted Technician Testimonials

Transitioning and former enlisted military technicians have found careers spanning all industries through Orion. Read our #EnlistedTechTestimonials to learn more about the experience of a few Enlisted Technicians who found civilian career success through Orion.

JMO Testimonials

Orion has successfully matched tens of thousands of Junior Military Officers (JMOs) with rewarding civilian careers since 1991. Read our #JMOJobs testimonials to see what other Military Officers say about their transition experience with Orion Talent.

Why Wait to Get Started with Orion?

It is never too early to start working with a military recruiting firm to find your civilian career. Read our #WhyWait? testimonials to see what others have to say about their experience with Orion Talent's transition services.

Hiring Conference Success

An Orion Hiring Conference is your best chance to interview with several companies in the span of two days. Read some #ConferenceQuotes from your peers to see what they have to say about Orion Hiring Conferences.

SMO Testimonials

Orion has helped more than 800 Senior Military Officers (SMOs) find rewarding post-military careers. SMOs can greatly benefit from Orion's military recruiting services, as evidenced by the testimonials and examples here.

Combat Arms NCOs Testimonials

Orion's services also include those for non-technical Combat Arms service members with Military Occupations including Infantry, Armor, Artillery, Air Defense Artillery, Armored Cavalry, and Combat Engineers. Read testimonials and examples here.