Military & Veteran Transition Resources

Resources for Military Professionals Considering a Civilian Career

Orion Talent has created an interactive library of transition resources to guide and support military professionals considering or transitioning into a civilian career. From signing out to finding a new home and career to learning to converse without military jargon, transitioning out of the military is a big and sometimes overwhelming step.

We invite you to use these tools and tips to navigate the change. No matter where you are in the transition and who you need to consider (spouse, children, etc.), we have resources that can help you plan and manage the changes ahead.

Veteran Transition Resources

Read on to learn from veterans who've already made the transition from military to civilian life, read our step-by-step information on planning your transition and finding a career, and check out our resources for spouses and family members below.

Franchise Ownership

If you want to be your own boss but are not able to take on the risk of starting your own business from the ground up, franchising is a great alternative. Franchises allow you the opportunity to operate your own business, with the framework in place to help you be successful.

JDog provides exclusive franchise opportunities for honorably discharged Veterans and Military family members.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services is pleased to offer a 25% discount off the franchise fee to honorably discharged U.S. Military Veterans.

VA Home Loans

Interested in obtaining a VA Home Loan? If you meet certain requirements, you could take advantage of the lower rates, lower fees, and no down payment that VA home loans offer.

Mutual of Omaha Mortgage is an approved VA lender and has partnered with Orion to offer VA Loan program benefits to eligible veterans using Orion services.

Planning For Your Transition

Making the transition from military to civilian life is an exciting time in the life of a veteran. This opportunity to start a new chapter in your life may present new challenges, but Orion Talent is here to make your career transition a successful one. Check out our alumni advice, transition timeline, and suggested reading list for a how-to guide on successfully transitioning from the military.

Planning your Transition
Military Officer Transition Program

Military Officer Transition Program

Our Military Officer Transition Program is provides a logical "to do list" to complete each month in preparation for your transition. The program is comprised of a series of informative webinars, self-paced instruction and individual calls with your recruiter. Our goal is to minimize the stress of transitioning out of the military by giving you all the tools you need to feel confident as you interview and begin a new career.

Enlisted Technician and NCO Transition Program

Orion Talent's Enlisted Military Technician and NCO Guide offers a variety of resources for service members who transitioning into a civilian career. From researching how your experience applies to a civilian job to preparing to interview, you will find insight designed to help you take the next step in your career.

enlishted Technician and NCO Transition Programs

Upskill with Orion Talent

Enhance your marketability and post-separation prospects by upskilling into advanced manufacturing and semiconductor careers with a SkillBridge internship today.

Resume Preparation

Resume Preparation

As a transitioning servicemember, you've most likely never had to write a professional resume. Through your resume you typically have about 30 seconds to convince a potential employer that you deserve an interview. Our guide to resume preparation will help you craft a well-written resume that will help you grab that employer's attention and on your way to landing the perfect position.

Interview Basics

Most transitioning servicemembers have never had to interview for a position. But in the civilian world, you need to be able to convey how your military experience and your demonstrated track record of performance are a strong fit for their organization. Our guide to interview basics offers key resources for Active Duty military and veterans who are preparing to interview, often for the first time.

Interview Basics
Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

There are many different types of interviews, as well as stages to the interview process. Our in-depth guide offers an in-depth look at interviews for various positions, various rounds, and settings. Check it out and prepare for your next interview today.

After the Interview

Initial interviews are often just the first step in the hiring process. There are often a few rounds, offer negotiation, and then acceptance. But, no matter where you are in the process, it is always appropriate to thank your interviewer. Our guide below offers tips for after the first interview that can help you stand out and land the job.

The 9 Most Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid
The 9 Most Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Military Life

Beyond creating and perfecting your resume and getting ready for interviews, transitioning from the military to civilian life brings up many questions. Here are some popular resources and guides for this transition.

Military Spouse Resources

Military spouses are often faced with not only supporting their spouse through the transition process, but also navigating their own job search. Our Military Spouse Resources are designed to support military spouses with their own career prospects.

Military Spouse Resources

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Military Transition FAQS

What is a military transition?

Each year, about 250,000 servicemembers transition out of the military to civilian life. This transition could be due to separation or retirement. Transitioning to civilian life can represent a life-changing shift with lots of considerations.

What are the difficulties veterans face when transitioning from the military to civilian life?

The transition to civilian life involves many steps. From signing out to finding a new career to dropping the military jargon, this is a big step in life that requires a lot of thought. Understanding civilian benefits, career progression, and even how to translate military experience in a way civilian hiring managers can relate are all hurdles many veterans face.

What kind of military transition assistance exists?

Each branch of service offers transition assistance programs that offer help with counseling, planning, and general advice on the switch to civilian life. There are also military recruiting firms that match transitioning servicemembers with civilian careers at no cost to the veteran.

How does Orion Talent help military veterans with their transition?

Orion Talent finds civilian careers for Junior Military Officers, Senior Military Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, Navy Nuclear-trained Technicians, Enlisted Technicians, and Combat Arms Personnel leaving the service. Orion also offers resources for improving a veteran's job search outlook with resume tips, interview insights, networking ideas, and advice from recruiting experts.

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