8 Recruiting Strategies for Engineers

1/28/2022 9:36:18 AM

Construction is booming, so it stands to reason that about 23% of the new jobs for engineers that will be created through 2026 are projected to be for civil engineers. These openings are in part due to an aging workforce, a lack of skilled talent, and the Great Resignation.

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How to Recruit Hourly Workers

1/27/2022 8:59:21 AM

In their recent Recruiting Daily article, Recruiting Hourly Workers in ‘Crazy Town’, former Orion Talent CEO Mike Starich and Director of Talent Acquisition Rachel Ward explore the hourly worker shortage.

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PODCAST: Developing Your Personal Brand on Social Media

1/25/2022 10:06:25 AM

Developing and leveraging your personal brand on social media can help you open more doors in your job search. Hiring managers receive a large volume of job applications, and you must find a way to stand out from the faceless crowd.

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Forbes Article Highlights New Orion Talent CEO Sarah Peiker and Her Commitment to Veteran Hiring

1/20/2022 9:01:35 AM

Forbes recently published an article featuring Orion Talent’s new CEO Sarah Peiker, who joined the company in October with a commitment to expand Orion’s veteran talent pool as well as help companies onboard former service members.

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Careers with Advanced Drainage Systems

1/18/2022 10:58:13 AM

Orion has partnered with Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) to provide rewarding careers for transitioning military, military veterans, and skilled professionals. ADS is a leading manufacturer of corrugated pipe and other high-performance products.

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What is the AEC Industry & Where is it Going

1/13/2022 9:36:36 AM

Drive down any major road, and you will undoubtedly see buildings going up. Some are only a few stories while some reach high into the sky.

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Orion’s Top Job Seeker Blog Posts of 2021

1/11/2022 9:35:59 AM

As we enter into another year, we rounded up our most popular blog posts from the past year.

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Why Hiring Veterans Should Be Part of Your 2022 Recruiting Strategy

1/6/2022 9:01:26 AM

HR Morning, which provides the latest HR and employment law news for HR professionals, recently published a series of articles covering 2022 workplace trends and ideas for building a more diverse workforce.

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Illegal Interview Questions & What to do When Asked

1/4/2022 9:09:48 AM

Illegal interview questions solicit information out of potential job candidates that could be used to discriminate against them. Read on to learn which questions are illegal to ask during an interview, and what to do if you are asked an illegal interview question.

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The Unexpected Workplace Advantages of Veterans: How to Leverage Military Success for Workplace Victory [WEBINAR]

12/30/2021 9:45:49 AM

You have undoubtedly heard about the many specialized hard skills and sought-after soft skills that military veterans bring to the civilian workplace.

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