Orion Novotus

Recruitment Optimization

Meet high-volume, surge, and project hiring needs with recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) excellence.

Orion Novotus, an Orion Talent company, is the mid-market leader in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and an organization committed to delivering recruiting solutions that are fundamentally different and outcomes that are fundamentally better.

An annual fixture of HRO Today's Baker's Dozen, Orion Novotus provides businesses with recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and consulting services that result in measurable, lasting workforce improvements: better hires, shorter hiring cycles, lower costs and greater efficiency. Our commitment to excellence in recruiting fundamentals has made us both a leader across the industry and a trusted partner embedded in our clients' talent organizations.

Acquired by Orion Talent in 2016, the company has greatly expanded its reach and capabilities to meet the complex talent needs of businesses today. With offices from coast to coast and a recruiting force of hundreds, Orion Novotus provides a full range of recruitment optimization and consulting solutions, from project-based and co-sourced solutions to comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

Businesses nationwide tap into Orion Novotus processes, experience, ingenuity and teams, to achieve fundamentally better recruiting outcomes: better hires, faster fills, critical efficiency gains, process excellence, and strategic cost savings.

  • Reduce Recruitment Costs by 35%
  • Reduce Time-to-Fill by an average of 15 days
  • Average Hiring Manager Satisfaction Rate of 91%

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