Enterprise Recruitment Process Outsourcing

From requisition to onboarding, Enterprise RPO offers recruitment expertise and scalability while being completely aligned with your company culture.

What is Enterprise RPO?

In Enterprise RPO, our team becomes an extension of your organization as we transform your talent acquisition and recruitment process. This full-service offering leverages our forward-looking sourcing, recruiting tactics, and best practices to effectively and efficiently manage each element of a talent acquisition strategy. Enterprise RPO is a comprehensive, customizable, and scalable recruitment solution.

What are the benefits of Enterprise RPO?

Enterprise RPO offers many benefits, making it an excellent option for companies looking to gain a competitive edge by outsourcing their TA strategy.

These benefits include:

  • Access to a unique and diverse talent pool
  • Powerful metrics
  • Industry-leading recruiting technology
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Scalable & customizable recruitment processes

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Enterprise Recruitment Process Outsourcing FAQs

Do End-to-End, Full Cycle RPO and Enterprise RPO mean the same thing?

End-to-End, Full Cycle RPO and Enterprise RPO essentially mean the same thing. Enterprise RPO is an end-to-end or full-cycle solution in that it manages all aspects of the talent acquisition process from start to finish.

How long should a company expect to work with an Enterprise RPO provider?

On average, you can expect to work with an Enterprise RPO provider for three years. This is customizable depending on the scope of a company's hiring needs. A minimum engagement of one year is recommended in order to leverage the benefits of RPO. For more short-term needs, companies should consider Project RPO.

What type of reporting will your HR department receive?

Working together, our RPO experts and your HR department will determine appropriate recruiting metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that will drive the performance of the engagement. We will then report on these metrics weekly, monthly, and quarterly. They may include:

  • Time to Submit: This is the time it takes from the time a requisition is opened until a candidate is submitted.
  • Submit to Interview: This is the ratio of candidates submitted to hiring managers to the number given interviews.
  • Interview to Hire: This metric is calculated as the number of interviews you conduct before a hire is made.
  • Offer Acceptance: An OAR is the percentage of candidates who accepted a job offer, including verbal offers.
  • Time-to-Fill: The average number of days between the date a job opens to when an offer is accepted.
  • Diversity: Data kept on a company's diversity outreach and hiring goals.
  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction: Unsatisfied Hiring Managers result in lower productivity, less engagement throughout the process, and increased work for other team members.
  • Retention: High turnover negatively impacts recruiting costs, employee morale, and your employer brand.

How does Orion Talent integrate your employer value proposition ( EVP) into its enterprise RPO services?

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is part of an employer's branding strategy and is a statement of the value current and future employees gain from working in your organization. One of the main benefits of RPO is the ability of our team to completely integrate with yours and meld seamlessly with your company culture. This means we also adapt and promote your EVP in our recruitment marketing. If you don't have a targeted EVP, our team of experts can help you craft one.

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Orion Talent's Contingent Workforce Solutions

Recruiting Technology

GuideOn, Orion Talent's best-in-class technology platform, combined with the expertise of our tenured recruiting team and unmatched speed to deployment, will lead to lower cost per hire, better candidate quality, critical scalability, and industry-leading customer satisfaction. We have expertise with the best available recruiting technology tools on the market and will evaluate your specific needs to recommend the tools that will best serve you.

The GuideOn tech stack optimizes speed and engagement for candidates and hiring managers throughout the hiring process and beyond.

Our award-winning RPO Talent Solutions improve your most important recruiting metrics:

  • Customer Retention Rate: 93%

  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction Rate: 91%

  • Average Reduction In Time-To-Fill: 15 days

  • Average Reduction In Recruiting Costs: 35%

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