Contingent Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Contingent RPO works as an extension of your talent acquisition department and supplies contingent labor using recruiters dedicated to your company.

What is Contingent RPO?

Contingent RPO is a hybrid recruiting model that applies the power of RPO to contingent hiring needs. A dedicated team of experienced recruiters builds a unique talent pipeline of contingent labor for your company based on your specific needs, allowing you to focus long-term hiring strategies.

What are the benefits of Contingent RPO?

Contingent RPO offers many benefits, making it an excellent option for companies looking to gain a competitive edge in the contingent market by outsourcing their TA strategy.

These benefits include:

  • Power of RPO coupled with the flexibility of a contingent workforce
  • Access to unique and diverse talent pools
  • Insightful metrics
  • Industry-leading recruiting technology
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Scalable & customizable recruitment processes
  • Customized recruiting solutions for the contingent workforce

Contingent Recruitment Process Outsourcing FAQs

What are the similarities and differences between contingent RPO and traditional RPO?

In Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), a company outsources an entire sourcing, recruiting and hiring need to the experts at a recruitment process outsourcing company. Traditional RPO focuses on permanent positions, but Contingent RPO brings the benefits of RPO, including flexibility, scalability, enhanced candidate experience, cost savings, and increased quality of hire, to short-term hiring needs.

What are the best scenarios for a contingent RPO solution?

Contingent RPO is the best bet for organizations looking for the value of RPO, but that also needs to ramp up hiring quickly to fill high-volume or seasonal non-permanent roles.

How does Orion Talent integrate your employer value proposition ( EVP) into its contingent RPO services?

Your dedicated Contingent RPO team will integrate with your team and adapt the EVP you have worked so hard to create. By recruiting workers that fit your culture, we help promote a positive candidate experience, setting your recruitment process up for long-term success.

Our award-winning RPO Talent Solutions improve your most important recruiting metrics:

  • Customer Retention Rate: 93%

  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction Rate: 91%

  • Average Reduction In Time-To-Fill: 15 days

  • Average Reduction In Recruiting Costs: 35%

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Orion Talent's Contingent Workforce Solutions

Recruiting Technology

GuideOn, Orion Talent's best-in-class technology platform, combined with the expertise of our tenured recruiting team and unmatched speed to deployment, will lead to lower cost per hire, better candidate quality, critical scalability, and industry-leading customer satisfaction. We have expertise with the best available recruiting technology tools on the market and will evaluate your specific needs to recommend the tools that will best serve you.

The GuideOn tech stack optimizes speed and engagement for candidates and hiring managers throughout the hiring process and beyond.

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