Direct Sourcing

Direct Sourcing from Orion Talent provides you with a sourcing process that finds the right ready-now candidates at the right price while also nurturing with your entire pipeline, not just those actively engaging with your current openings.

What is direct sourcing?

In Direct Sourcing, companies engage an experienced workforce solutions partner to proactively build a proprietary pool of pre-qualified talent interested in contract work. This candidate pool is often comprised of current and former contractors, former employees, retirees, "silver or bronze medalist" candidates, freelancers, and more.

Direct Sourcing providers are also responsible for branded onboarding and payroll, either through the Managed Direct Sourcing (MDS) company, or a third party, for the contingent workers sourced. Businesses then become a "client of choice" for contractors as they offer a streamlined and compliant experience.

What is direct sourcing?

What are the benefits of direct sourcing?

There are many benefits to Direct Sourcing and Contingent Workforce Solutions:

  • Significant time and cost savings - Transaction costs, including cost-per-hire and time-to-fill, are reduced, and you have the right number of contingent workers ready to go when you need them.
  • Direct access to the contingent workforce - The talent pipeline we build belongs to you. We curate the talent pool, facilitate your access to the pool, and deploy them at a moment's notice where you need them most.
  • Establish yourself as an "client of choice" for your contingent workers - By working seamlessly within your brand and through ongoing engagement with your contingent talent pipeline even when not currently on assignment, we are able to continually position your company as an employer of choice for contingent work.
  • GuideOn, Orion Talent's propriety technology stack, leverages AI, machine learning, and advanced inbound recruitment marketing to source, engage, screen, and retain a qualified talent community.

What are the best scenarios for direct sourcing?

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Recruiting Technology

GuideOn, Orion Talent's best-in-class technology platform, combined with the expertise of our tenured recruiting team and unmatched speed to deployment, will lead to lower cost per hire, better candidate quality, critical scalability, and industry-leading customer satisfaction. We have expertise with the best available recruiting technology tools on the market and will evaluate your specific needs to recommend the tools that will best serve you.

The GuideOn tech stack optimizes speed and engagement for candidates and hiring managers throughout the hiring process and beyond.

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