Mechanical and Electrical Industry Experience

Orion Candidates are Ideally Suited for the Following Positions in the Mechanical and Electrical Industry

Hire Military for the Mechanical and Electrical Industry

Orion Talent was the first recruiting firm to recognize the excellent talent transitioning from the enlisted ranks of the military. Our candidates have both the classroom training and and real world experiences in electronic, mechanical, and electrical systems.

They also have developed leadership, teambuilding skills and reinforced their core values of integrity, discipline, and work ethic. Our candidates are willing to accomplish work in the toughest conditions and deliver with quality results.

Field Service Technicians

Our candidates combine technology, troubleshooting skills and excellent communication skills to make some of the best field service technicians today. Our FSTs understand how important the client's needs are and how they need to be addressed. At the same time they present an excellent image to your clients of your company. Our candidates present a reliable, dependable workforce that is even open to extended periods of travel. They are able to work on most electronic, electrical or mechanical systems.

Maintenance Technicians

After receiving tremendous training and real world experience on trouble shooting electrical, mechanical or electronic systems, our candidates make an instant impact working on a maintenance team in a manufacturing environment. Our candidates are accustomed to working shifts from their military experience and work well either on a team or independently. Technicians in the military are taught preventive, immediate, emergency and scheduled maintenance. Working well under stress and in arduous conditions, our maintenance repair technicians thrive in manufacturing today.

Installation Technicians

Capital equipment manufactures rely on Orion to provide candidates that not install and service large complex pieces of equipment. This includes medical equipment manufacturers, semiconductor tool manufacturers and also industrial equipment manufacturers. These technicians are usually cross-trained in both electro and mechanical skills.

Calibration Technicians

Complex equipment requires our technicians to service and calibrate using a variety of computer and electronic skills. These skills can either be preformed onsite directly for a customer or at a company's facility on their own equipment. These technicians possess strong computer skills as equipment today usually interfaces with a computer diagnostic and calibration program.

Avionics Maintenance and Repair Technicians

In today's competitive airline industry, we see a great deal of outsourcing by the major airlines. This requires us to find candidates to directly support the servicing, maintenance, and repair of aviation assets. Our candidates are certified as A&P mechanics or intermediate maintenance repairmen.


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