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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is when a company outsources some or all of their recruiting process to an outside provider. RPO is a business strategy that will impact productivity and profitability. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing company can do everything from craft job descriptions, screen candidates, improve employer branding and even develop an onboarding program. Using a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company to help fill positions, implement technology, and cut costs is a collaborative, long-term decision that leads to productivity and predictability.

What is a Staffing Agency?

Staffing firms usually work on a transactional basis, often for temporary, contract, or seasonal positions. They are focused on finding the right employee for a particular position, or a reactive recruitment model. Often, their services, while effective for one-off needs, cannot identify, fix, and improve any recruiting challenges you may be experiencing. They are usually only at play during the recruiting stage and not part of the onboarding process. Staffing firms may be the answer if you are just looking to fill a couple of jobs as opposed to implementing a hiring strategy.

Why would an RPO partner be the right choice for your business?

There are a number of reasons that companies turn to an RPO provider for solutions that help to overcome their recruiting obstacles. Below are six of the most common:

High turnover

If your employees are out the door before productively contributing to the company, this is a problem. It’s roots lie in poor candidate screening, onboarding, and possibly even poor management. A Recruitment Process Outsourcing company can help identify the causes, therefore alleviating the symptom. In fact, an Orion Talent RPO strategy can increase retention by 20%. Learn more about reducing turnover with RPO here.

High costs

High recruiting and staffing costs can cripple a recruitment function. When the company is too focused on reducing costs, the quality of hire often suffers. This is where the experts come in. RPOs identify goals and ways to improve and then implement the analytics, metrics, and forecasting needed to achieve that goal. The end result for Orion Talent is that clients enjoy an average reduction of cost of 35%. You can learn more about how we do this here.

Rapid growth

When companies need to expand quickly, they often sacrifice quality for speed. However, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is very scalable. Working with an established process, RPO experts are able to meet high-volume, surge, and project needs on deadline and within the budget on-time and on-budget.

Inefficient recruiting

Inefficient recruiting costs time, people, and other intangible resources like poor hiring manager satisfaction and candidate experience. This is often reflected in high time-to-fill metrics. Our infographic, Improve Time to Fill with RPO, gives an in-depth look at how you can streamline recruiting and reduce time-to-fill by 30% with Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Inability to compete

A company can’t compete for top talent with an inefficient staffing process that takes too long, is not attracting quality candidates, and costs too much. A business that leverages RPO controls their resources, process, technology, people, and costs, and are also able to predict future recruiting costs and timelines. This puts them in a much better place to compete with others in their industry for the next star employee.

Talent Metrics

RPO staffing provides a solution for improving all of the main talent metrics you should be tracking. If you aren’t tracking the ten listed here, you are behind the curve and RPO could be the right answer for you. Recruitment Process Outsourcing allows clients to maintain control of their Talent Acquisition strategy in a flexible, cost-effective way through experienced recruiters and effective technology in an uncertain market.

Overcoming Recruitment Obstacles with an RPO Provider

RPO is an especially attractive recruiting solution in the current pandemic. At a time when budgets have shrunk, it is hard to forecast production, and working from home has become common, RPO can help companies navigate these issues and more. We take an in-depth look at overcoming recruiting obstacles with RPO here.

Determine if RPO is Right for Your Company with These Tools

We can help you evaluate your current recruiting process in this multiple-choice quiz. It asks about your hiring goals and what metrics are the most important to your company. In less than three minutes, you’ll be able to determine RPO staffing is right for your organization.

Additionally, you can check out this infographic, Is RPO Right for You?, for an illustrated look at benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Learn More About RPO:

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