Project Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Project RPO is the way to go for companies that have a specific talent acquisition project like recruiting a new team for a new product line or new facility. Learn about Project RPO with Orion Talent and what staffing scenarios are best solved with a project-based recruiting approach.

What is Project RPO?

If you have ever had a short-term need for extra recruiting bandwidth but did not have the team in place, Project RPO could be the answer. In Project RPO, a business engages a provider for a talent acquisition need with defined goals within a specific scope and timeline.

What are the benefits of Project RPO?

One of the main benefits of Project RPO is the ability to test-drive RPO. By engaging a provider for a specific hiring project, you can determine if the results merit a long-term partnership.

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Project Recruitment Process FAQs

What's the Difference between initiative-based RPO & Project RPO?

Project RPO can span a longer period of time than Initiative-Based RPO although they can be used interchangeably.

Is Project RPO always short-term?

In general, yes. Depending on the need, however, this can run anywhere from weeks to months.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of hires needed for Project RPO?

No, Project RPO is highly customizable, with each project having a unique defined goal within a specific scope and timeline.

How is Project RPO priced?

Project RPO is often priced off of a Cost per Hire based on accomplishing certain agreed upon results such as paying per person hired or the Cost Per Slate Model where the RPO provider charges a fee for a set number of sourced, screened, and qualified candidates for each open position.

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Recruiting Technology

GuideOn, Orion Talent's best-in-class technology platform, combined with the expertise of our tenured recruiting team and unmatched speed to deployment, will lead to lower cost per hire, better candidate quality, critical scalability, and industry-leading customer satisfaction. We have expertise with the best available recruiting technology tools on the market and will evaluate your specific needs to recommend the tools that will best serve you.

The GuideOn tech stack optimizes speed and engagement for candidates and hiring managers throughout the hiring process and beyond.

Our award-winning RPO Talent Solutions improve your most important recruiting metrics:

  • Customer Retention Rate: 93%

  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction Rate: 91%

  • Average Reduction In Time-To-Fill: 15 days

  • Average Reduction In Recruiting Costs: 35%

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