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What is a Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Attracting and recruiting great talent doesn’t just happen. Organizations need a well-thought-out strategy. But there is far more to talent acquisition solutions than recruiting. To add that great new team member, you need a holistic approach that includes candidate experience, employer branding, onboarding, and ongoing alignment across company objectives. 

Workforce Planning

In order to ensure a continuous flow of talent, recruiters for a business should establish recruitment processes within a budget that align with their strategic goals. According to the National Institute of Health, there are six stages in Workforce Planning - Strategic Direction, Supply Analysis, Demand Analysis, Gap Analysis, Solution Implementation, and Monitoring Progress. You can find more Workforce Planning tools here.

Forecasting mission-critical talent needs

This may be a simple task as your most important recruiting needs should be obvious. But, make sure you quantify them and what type of candidates and experience are necessary for these roles.

Analyzing current workforce and talent supply

An important step is researching how well your current talent strategies align with your global business strategy.

Developing, implementing and evaluating strategies to close gaps

A demand analysis includes taking a look at your company’s current and future workforce requirements and the resources you have to meet those needs. This also encompasses looking at gaps in your system and implementing any of the best strategies you can find to streamline the process.

Recruitment Technology Updates

You may find that you need to update your recruitment technology. It is important to leverage a highly customized technology platform in addition to industry-leading technology meant for a global talent pool.

Employer Branding

According to Katie Theroux, Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Marketing for NCI Building Systems, “Employer branding has the potential to differentiate us at a time when it is still so hard to find talent. What I do know and see is that job seekers are smarter than ever. In fact, they are seeking jobs in the same way they are buying things on Amazon. They research, they compare, and they look at the data. We need to think about and address the many digital places where they are going to access our brand and present a clear picture of who we are as an employer and a place to develop one’s career.”

Talent Sourcing and Recruitment

Finding and recruiting the right talent should always be the focus of your recruitment strategy. The need for great talent doesn’t go away with time, so it is important to focus on how talent can integrate with your business.

Talent Management

Talent Management is another way to plan and grow your team. Like workforce planning, it involves hiring the best candidates and helping them grow to their highest potential.

Analysis and Fine-Tuning

This is the step where you close gaps and implement your strategy, one that you very well could find should include recruitment process outsourcing.

Is RPO the Best Talent Acquisition Strategy for You?

The answer depends on your needs. If you struggle with any of the obstacles below, RPO talent acquisition, or outsourcing your recruiting to the experts, is for you. 

 - Struggle to Scale Hiring Resources

 - Scalability is an important benefit of RPO

 - Need for Better Metrics

 - Lack of Consistency in the Hiring Process

People also ask:

What is an RPO in recruiting?

A recruitment process outsourcing function in recruiting means you are addressing your business assets like people, time, and money. In the uncertainty of today’s economic climate, planning for your current and future TA needs presents unprecedented challenges. RPO will provide better hires, shorter hiring cycles, lower costs and greater efficiency - literally optimizing recruiting.

What is the role of RPO?

RPO enables you to start improving your recruiting efficiency that best aligns with your current and projected needs.

Is recruitment and talent acquisition the same?

Companies that utilize RPO get more than talent acquisition. In addition to the not insignificant value of filling an open position, RPO addresses pricing, partnership, results, flexibility, and quality. You can learn more about these benefits by downloading The ROI of RPO: Why Recruitment Process Outsourcing is Replacing Traditional Staffing.

To help provide clarity as you think about what the future of recruiting may look like for your company, we have created an interactive quiz that allows you to input your hiring goals and recruiting practices to identify whether Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) may be worth considering for your business.

At Orion Talent, our experience with talent solutions speaks for itself. The award-winning service we provide, as well as our happy client organizations, reflect our mission - To help people discover meaningful careers and businesses grow by finding, delivering, and engaging outstanding talent across the world. Get started today.



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