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PODCAST: Careers for Veterans with Daifuku North America

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Orion has proudly partnered with Daifuku North America Holding Company (DNAHC), a leading provider of material handling systems, to provide exciting career opportunities for veterans. Since the beginning of the partnership, Daifuku has hired more than 70 veterans into a variety of roles nationwide.

Daifuku is based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, with sales and manufacturing locations throughout the continent. The company is comprised of Daifuku America Corporation, Jervis B. Webb Company & Airport Technologies Division, Elite Line Services, Inc. (ELS), and Wynright Corporation. Each of the companies plays a different part in Daifuku’s overall business, and roles within each vary. “Elite Line Services is looking for maintenance and leadership roles. Jervis B. Webb is looking for Project Manager and Project Engineers. Daifuku has asked us to come in and assist them on many different fronts to ensure they have the most qualified person in each position,” explains TJ Freno, Orion Account Executive for Daifuku.

Daifuku has a long history of supporting its employees. According to Tim Hund, President of Daifuku North America, there have been no employee layoffs in the 22 years he has led the business. “I’ve talked with many of the veterans hired by Daifuku and they’ve only had great things to say about the opportunity. You could be hired as a Maintenance Technician and become a Senior Maintenance Manager within 6-8 months, receiving almost 50% higher pay,” says TJ. “They are dedicated to ensuring that their workforce is skilled and happy,” he added.

The leadership experience, teamwork and problem solving skills that veterans possess make them a great asset to Daifuku’s business. “The backbone of any veteran is a sense of mission, accomplishment and discipline. They’re dedicated not only to completing their daily tasks, but also those of the greater business. That’s what Daifuku values about hiring a military veteran,” adds TJ.

Orion is currently recruiting for a number of positions within each of Daifuku’s businesses. Visit us online to learn more and apply.