From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast - Episode 163

Generating Passive Income with Army Veteran Brent Bowers

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast

Some of our most popular episodes are those that focus on business ownership and achieving financial freedom. If this is a topic that interests you, you don't want to miss this episode!

Brent Bowers, Army Veteran and Real Estate investor, joins the podcast to take a deeper dive into his journey as an entrepreneur. Prior to separating from the military, Brent knew he wanted to pursue a career that would allow him to be more present with his wife and kids. His early success in real estate investment led Brent to making it a full-time career with his company The Land Sharks. Since then, he's continued to build a successful business with a growing team focused helping people generate passive income by investing in vacant land.

In this episode Brent discusses his military background, challenges and successes he's experienced as a business owner, and he shares valuable advice for starting your own business.

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