From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast - Episode 150

Army Veteran Climbs the Ranks in the Restaurant Industry

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast

If you've ever wanted to pursue a career completely different than your military occupation but aren't sure if you can succeed, today's episode is for you!

After serving as a dental assistant in the Army, Bruce Evans took a chance on a new career in the restaurant industry. He started as a waiter, worked his way up to Manager, and eventually landed in restaurant Franchise Sales. Even without prior experience in sales, Bruce was personally responsible for the sale of 450 Wing Stop franchises in less than 5 years. Now, Bruce is the VP of Franchise Development for Capriotti's Sandwich Shop and Wing Zone, and he shares some great insight and lessons learned along the way. Topics include:

  • How his military experience shaped his outlook on life
  • The importance of mentorship
  • Advice for veterans entering the civilian workforce