From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast - Episode 62

Top 10 Myths About Working with a Military Recruiter

As a military job seeker, chances are you've been cautioned not to work with a military recruiter.

Steve Jones, former Army Officer and Recruiter at Orion, joined the show to debunk the top 10 myths about working with a military recruiter.



As a military job seeker, chances are you've been cautioned not to work with a military recruiter. There are many articles online that tell you that you'll have plenty of opportunities on your own, recruiters are motivated by personal gain rather than your success, and the list goes on.

Steve Jones, former Army Officer and Recruiter at Orion, joined the show to debunk the top 10 myths about working with a military recruiter.

Myth #1: "Someone with military experience doesn't need to work with a military recruiter."
Almost 250,000 veterans will transition into the civilian workforce by 2019 with the same skill sets, who all look the same on paper. "Military recruiters have the inside track with hiring managers to make sure an interview can happen," Steve stated. A military recruiting company works two-fold: they take the time to educate private sector companies, translating military experience into civilian understanding, while also helping prepare candidates for interviews and job offers.

Myth #2: "You're wasting your time - you can do everything a military recruiter can do."
"Any time that you invest in your job search is time well spent, and is one of the best things you can do" Steve stated. Orion works with a vast variety of companies across a wide range of industries, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. "Orion has a relationship with hiring managers that are looking to hire veterans now. With Orion, you do not have to wonder if anyone has looked at your resume."

Myth #3: "Military recruiters can contribute very little as advisors to transitioning Veterans."
"Here at Orion, we do not look at candidates as just a number," Steve explained. Orion's recruiters are all former military, who have been in your shoes and can assist you every step of the way. "We are here to help and we take the effort of finding you a job very seriously," Steve stated.

Myth #4: "Military recruiters make you sign an agreement of exclusivity."
"Orion does not make you sign anything. We want you to be successful in your search for a new career, and not limit your options," Steve said. Orion believes strongly in not limiting your job search by signing an exclusivity agreement, and it is one of our founding principles.

Myth #5: "They didn't help me, so they won't be able to help you."
"We try our best to help a candidate prepare for their interviews, but if you don't adequately prepare yourself, your chances of finding a job diminish," Steve stated. "It is human nature to place blame on someone else, such as the recruiter, but it is ultimately up to the candidate to be successful." Orion offers an abundance of transition resources to help candidates prepare for their military to civilian transition, including interview basics, interview preparation, and even tips for after the interview.

Myth #6: "Military recruiters aren't going to offer you jobs that will pay what you're worth."
The positions that Orion offers are above market value for the military, Steve assured. However, the level of pay depends on other factors, none of which have to do with working with a Recruiter. "The level of compensation depends on what the individual candidate brings to the table. If they were a top performer in the military, their pay will reflect that in the private sector," Steve explained. "The options and level of pay will not be as wide for someone who did not take the hard jobs, didn't volunteer, etc. in the military."

Myth #7: "Military recruiters don't have your best interests in mind; they will only force you into the jobs that they want you to take."
"This myth hits me hard, because it is absolutely not true at Orion," Steve stated. "A candidate needs to know what they are looking for in a civilian career. We (military recruiters) try to guide, mentor, and coach veterans who are unsure into positions that are the best fit for them." Orion's military recruiters are not motivated by commission only, and are provided a competitive base salary.

Myth #8: "If a military recruiter gets you a job, it will be for lower pay, because they get the difference."
"This is the myth that I heard the most when I was transitioning out of the military," Steve said. "This comes from not being educated on how the process works, and the relationship between the candidates, clients, and recruiters." The fee that a recruiter receives from a company has no effect on the candidate's salary. "The recruiting fee comes from a different place within the company," Steve explained.

Myth #9: "If you come to a Hiring Conference, you lost any chance you had of differentiating yourself."
"No two people have the same life experience, so you will have no problem differentiating yourself from others," Steve explained. "An Orion Hiring Conference is not a networking event or a social event," Steve stated. "It is a business event, and you need to prepare accordingly by participating in mock interviews, reading the suggested material, and applying what you have learned." If you have done the homework, you will do incredibly well, Steve assured.

Myth #10: "Your personal information will not be secure if you sign up on the website."
"Our website is 100% secure, and your information will be protected," Steve assured. For more information about how Orion uses your information, read our privacy policy.