From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast - Episode 159

Money Grows on Trees ft. Jerremy Newsome, Investing Guru

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast

Everyone has their own definition of Financial Freedom, but regardless of how you define it, most of us don't know exactly how or when we will get there. Jerremy Newsome, Author, Advisor, and Investing Guru, joins the show to discuss the basics of financial literacy and investing. Growing up poor, the thought of never having to worry about money was appealing to Jerremy. After learning about investing at the age of seven, Jerremy began picking blackberries and selling them door-to-door to save money to buy stock in Apple Computers.

He convinced his dad to match his $1,500 deposit for Apple Stock back in 1995, which would be worth $14 million today. His passion for helping others enrich their lives and gain financial independence led him to founding Real Life Trading in 2014, which has grown to a seven-figure business. Topics include:

  • How growing up poor shaped his love for business
  • Resources he provides to help others achieve their financial goals
  • The big plans he has for his business in the future

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