From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast - Episode 116

Jumpstart Your Career Search with an Orion Hiring Conference

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast

Orion has more than 70 hiring conferences each year in major metros across the US. If you're new to working with Orion you may not know much about Hiring Conferences or the value they can add to your career search. Visit us online to learn more about attending a hiring conference.

In this episode Chris Dove, a Navy Veteran and Orion Recruiter, joins the podcast to discuss everything you need to know about attending and preparing for a Hiring Conference. Chris has a unique perspective because before joining the Orion team, he attended a conference as a candidate. Now, it's one of the highlights of his career with Orion. Listen to the show to hear Chris discuss:

  • Why hiring conferences are so beneficial
  • What to expect when you attend a conference
  • Conference success stories