From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast - Episode 132

Land Your Dream Job With a FREE Professional Video from Mission Hire Me

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast

Mission Hire Me is serving transitioning veteran and military spouse job seekers by helping them to create visually engaging and professionally edited video profiles to use in their job applications and on social media. Mission Hire Me is funded by corporate sponsorship and organizational grants to provide a FREE service to transitioning veterans and military spouses.

Bill Barnett, CEO and Founder of Mission Hire Me, joins the podcast to discuss the impact these video profiles can have on your job search, and the simplicity of the video creation process.

Why Create a Video Profile?

Video profiles make you visible and attractive to potential employers, showing them the "real" person behind the military uniform. This helps employers envision you in their workplace in a way that a resume can't.

  • 60% of Recruiters will view a video before reading a resume
  • Recruiters are 6 times more likely to recall information from a video than text on a resume
  • There is a 40% better response rate from Recruiters when a job seeker uses a video profile
  • Mission Hire Me's success rate exceeds 80%

Visit Mission Hire Me online and fill out a form to get started on your own video profile.