From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast - Episode 158

Navigating Military Life, Employment, and PCS as a Military Spouse

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast

PCSing is one of the most challenging parts of military life, especially for military spouses who are trying to maintain their own career. To help ease the burden, Orion has partnered with PCSgrades, an online platform that supports the biggest relocation needs for military members, veterans, and military spouses through trusted community insights. Their comprehensive resources include detailed area guides, a BAH calculator, and more than 150 articles created by military spouses, veterans, and real estate experts.

Jenah Wieczorek, military spouse and Marketing Director at PCSgrades, joins the show to discuss all things PCS. Jenah began her career as a dental hygienist but after PCSing multiple times she knew she needed a career with more flexibility. Since joining the PCSgrades team, Jenah has become an expert on how to conquer all the challenges associated with military life, and she was kind enough to share her best advice with us. During the podcast we discussed:

  • Challenges military spouses face
  • Getting connected with your community after each move
  • Free resources available through PCSgrades