From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast - Episode 128

Inside Look at Franchise Ownership with Army Veteran Turned Franchise Consultant

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom Podcast

Buying into a franchise is a great way to achieve the goal of business ownership, with lower risk than starting your own company from the ground up. With more than 750,000+ franchised businesses in the U.S., it can be hard to find the right fit for you.

Shawn Livingston, an Army Veteran, joins the show to discuss his experience as a franchise owner turned franchise consultant. Shawn owned two educational franchises for nearly 10 years, before selling them and opening his own business, Wolfhound Franchising. Shawn's services are free, and he partners with a wide variety of franchises in different industries. Topics include:

  • Lessons learned from franchise ownership
  • Frequently asked questions about opening a franchise
  • Services he offers through Wolfhound Franchising