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7 Industries That Should Be Hiring Veterans Now

Thursday, May 28, 2020
What are military candidates qualified for? We've been asked this question thousands of times. Just as the positions in the military vary widely, so do the career possibilities in the corporate world. In an effort to better illustrate the myriad ways veterans can lead and innovate, we have been busy creating industry-specific pages.
The new pages showcase the types of positions in which veterans excel in each industry, case studies, client testimonials, industry resources, and more! Check out the seven new web pages below to see veterans in action in your industry.
Need help finding this talent to power your industry? Orion is here to help, even in the age of social distancing.  Our on-demand Virtual Hiring Events are fully customizable and will bring you the top military talent your company needs to gain a competitive advantage in your industry. Learn more about these innovative events here.

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