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Orion is proud of the high caliber opportunities we have available to our nation's Navy Nuclear personnel. Our team of Recruiters understands your skill set and training aptitude that you have gained in a highly technical field in the Navy, and is poised to help you find the best career possible by matching your skills and career goals with opportunities within America's finest companies.

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Orion is proud of the high caliber opportunities we have available to our nation's Navy Nuclear personnel. Our team of Recruiters understands your skill set and training aptitude that you have gained in a highly technical field in the Navy, and is poised to help you find the best career possible by matching your skills and career goals with opportunities within America's finest companies.

  • Understanding your Navy Nuclear Technician rating and specialized skill set - you won't have to explain your experience to our Recruiters, many of whom are former military themselves
  • Orion Talent already has relationships built and established with America's top companies, who are actively seeking to hire transitioning military and veterans with your unique experience
  • Presenting you with job opportunities that are uniquely matched with your background, skill set, and preferences
  • Coaching you through the process, from the initial interview, to a job offer (or two!) and beyond
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Orion Talent makes the job search easy by:

All of Orion's job seeker services are completely FREE of charge, as we are paid by the companies who hire us to recruit and prepare qualified candidates. As a member of our highly trained and experienced Navy Nuclear personnel, you have many traits that are sought out in the civilian workforce and experience unmatched by your civilian peers.

Orion works with the most dominant list of corporate clients in the industry, and we are the leaders in providing our candidates superior corporate exposure and the most thorough resume and preparation assistance. An Orion Hiring Conference is your opportunity to interview directly with companies we have matched you with. Our average selection rate per lineup is over 50%, with an average hire cycle time less than 21 days.

We put your needs first. We listen to your desires and preferences and look for positions that match your requirements. We will never "push" positions on you. You will never be required to work exclusively with Orion. We want you to work with us because we are the best, not because you signed an agreement with us!

Whether you have two years or two weeks before you leave active military service, there are many steps you can take prior to your separation date that will position you for success as you transition into the civilian workforce. We invite you to use these tools and tips to navigate the change. No matter where you are in the transition and who you need to consider (spouse, children, etc.), we have resources that can help you plan and manage the changes ahead.

Interested in obtaining a civilian job after leaving your Navy Nuclear job? The first step is acing your interview. Our Military Transition Interview Guide offers a comprehensive guide to your military transition, from the moment you transition to after the final offer has been made and everything in between.

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No matter how far out you are from your transition, meeting with an Orion Recruiter in your location is the very best way to get a jump start on your career search. Orion Recruiters travel to posts and bases throughout the country, and even to some overseas installations.

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What are common types of Navy Nuke Jobs Orion Talent can find for you?

As a Navy Nuclear Technician, you are well suited for many types of technical roles that will leverage the expertise and training you have gained from the Navy. You can expect to find success in roles like the ones below, among many others:

Field Service Engineer

Average salary: $90K/yr

Field Service Engineers design, install, and repair equipment across all industries. It is highly likely that as a Nuclear trained Technician, you have experience in the various mechanics associated with this role and the technical acumen to be successful in this type of role.

jobs for ex military officers

Electrical/Maintenance Technician

Average salary: $91K/yr

Navy Nuclear Technicians are ideal for technical roles such as an Electrical or Maintenance Technician due to their training and experience performing maintenance on electronics systems on Navy ships. As a Navy Nuclear Technician, you can feel confident in your ability to be successful in a role that requires extensive technical knowledge.

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Facility/Building Engineer

Average salary: $110K/yr

Just like how you were responsible for making sure a ship runs smoothly, a Facility or Building Engineer is responsible for making sure that a company's operating facility is in top working order, from analyzing the infrastructure and equipment of a building, to repairing all physical aspects of a plant. Navy Nuclear Technicians are no strangers to this level of responsibility.

jobs for ex military officers

Project Management

Average salary: $78K

From start to finish, Project Managers are responsible for a project idea. They create and lead the team, monitor the progress, solve issues that arise, and evaluate project performance. Navy Nuclear Technicians are uniquely suited for these roles due to their technical skill set and leadership abilities.

jobs for ex military officers


Average salary: $80K

Operators are responsible for a machine's performance, monitoring the various day-to-day functions, ensuring that production continues to run smoothly. As a Navy Nuclear Technician, you have experience in keeping a close eye on various electronic systems that are critical to a Naval ship's ability to function.

jobs for ex military officers

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

We are proud to be able to produce exceptional recruiting results like these for clients like the one below.

Orion personnel sent me relevant jobs and followed up on each step without making me feel rushed. This made me feel in control of the process while knowing I have a professional available if needed.

- Nuclear Machinist's Mate

My Recruiter was very knowledgeable of the position and what would be needed to get the job. He also had a thorough understanding of my background helping to understand if I would be a good fit.

- Nuclear Electronics Technician

Orion Talent has set me up with a job in a matter of weeks after I had been looking on my own for months. The job they helped me land has gone above and beyond what expectations I had for taking care of my family and helping me transition from active duty to normal life.

- Nuclear Electronics Technician

Job hunting is not a topic that would naturally come up in daily conversation. It is like asking how likely someone would recommend Windows. That said, Orion has been a great way to get a foot into the door of potential employment opportunities that I otherwise would not have known about. I have had nothing but pleasant interactions with everyone at Orion!

- Nuclear Machinist's Mate

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Navy Nuclear FAQs

Does Orion Talent headhunt Navy Nukes for top employers?

Orion Talent specializes in placing transitioning and former Navy Nukes in careers with America’s top companies. Navy Nukes are in high demand in the private sector because of their technical and military experience. Orion Talent is always actively seeking Navy Nuclear Technicians for our open positions, and welcomes the opportunity to help you find a new career in the private sector.

Are Former Navy Nukes in demand?

Navy Nukes are highly sought after for post-military careers, due to their military expertise. As a Navy Nuclear Technician, you have technical experience that is unparalleled with your civilian peers. Coupled with the soft skills that you acquired in the military, like teamwork, leadership, self sufficiency, communication, and more, Navy Nuclear Technicians are desired by civilian companies for their open positions.

Additional resources for Navy Nukes
Orion Talent offers a variety of resources for former and transitioning Navy Nukes to help make your transition to civilian life a smooth process. Our comprehensive military transition resource guide is aimed to aid in your job search, from the initial resume writing, interview preparation, to accepting and negotiating an offer. Our transition resource guide also includes information on franchise ownership, navigating VA home loan programs, and support for military spouses.

Orion Talent also provides a collection of transition resources to help ease the process, to include resume writing, interview preparation, military life, and more.