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Professional Finance and Accounting careers span many industries including, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, OIl & Gas, Real Estate, and Telecommunications, among many others. Industry experience is often imperative in mid-band and senior Finance and Accounting Leadership positions. If you have 10+ years of leadership experience, you may be right for middle to upper level back office finance and accounting leadership roles.

What are mid-band and senior job types in the Finance and Accounting industry?

CFO - A Chief Financial Officer is the senior executive financial controller who tracks cash flow, conducts financial planning, and analyzes the company's financial strengths and weaknesses.

Controller - A Controller is a company's lead accountant who works across departments to ensure profitability and proper internal controls.

Tax Manager - Tax managers prepare and file state and federal tax documents for their company, as well as develop tax strategies and policies to ensure compliance with local and federal tax laws and regulations.

Accounting Director - Accounting Directors develop and maintain accounting policies and procedures, coordinatie the year-end close process with internal and external auditors, prepare financial statements, and plan expenditures, among other duties.

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager - FP&A Managers are in charge of the Profit & Loss (P&L) or Income Statement for a specific unit/region or the entire company.

SEC Reporting Manager - SEC Managers prepare SEC reporting documents, quarterly cash flow statements, earnings per share and equity roll forward workbooks, among other duties.

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What Finance & Accounting jobs are in demand?

The most in-demand Finance and Accounting jobs are for Controllers, Financial Managers, Management Consultants, Treasury Analysts, Accounting Manager, Budget Analysts, Senior Tax Accountants, and Auditors. This is true across a variety of industries including Consulting, Food and Beverage, Non-profit, and Technology, etc.

What are the highest paying Finance & Accounting jobs?

Among the highest paying Finance and Accounting careers are Chief Financial Officer, with a salary range of $86,000 - $286,000+; Controller, with a salary range of $78,000 - $155,000; Accounting Director, with a salary range of $88,000 - $174,000; Finance Manager with a salary range of $74,000 - $132,000; and Senior Accountant, with a salary range of $52,000 - $96,000.

Why should one start a career in the Finance & Accounting industry?

Finance and Accounting Professional careers are dynamic and evolving. If you have the right education and problem-solving abilities, a career path in this field could lead to a CFO position. With clear career progression paths often evident, moving from an entry-level position to a mid-band or senior role is more easily mapped out. It is also a more stable career field with opportunities available in a variety of industries worldwide.

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