Post-Military Careers for Transitioning and Former Enlisted Technicians

Free Career Placement Services for Enlisted Military Technicians

Orion typically works with transitioning and former enlisted military technicians with four to twelve years of technical military experience, from backgrounds including: Navy Nuclear Trained Technicians (Nuke ETs, Nuke EMs, Nuke MMs), and those with Electronics, Electrical, and Mechanical backgrounds from all branches of service (Army, Navy, USMC, Air Force, and Coast Guard).

With our industry leading preparation program, we will work with you to build your resume, provide you with career counseling and transition assistance, prepare you for interviews, and arrange interviews for positions that are a match with your background, qualifications and desires. All of our Recruiters are former Military Technicians who understand exactly what you are going through.

Orion works with the most dominant list of corporate clients in the industry. Companies including Siemens, Honeywell, Honda, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Phillips 66, Sun Chemical, Atlas Copco Compressors, Covanta, and many others, have selected Orion as their preferred or exclusive provider of Military Technician Talent, ensuring you access to top opportunities that you would not otherwise have.

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Recent Careers for Transitioning Military Technicians through Orion

  • Unit Supervisor, Alcoa - Navy Nuclear Machinist Mate (Nuke MM), E-4
  • Compression Technician, Ingersoll Rand - Navy Electrician's Mate (EM), E-5
  • Packaging Technician, AstraZeneca - USMC Electro-Mechanical Technician, E-3
  • Service Technician, Bridgestone - Nuclear Electrician's Mate (Nuke EM), E-5
  • Equipment Engineer, Lam Research - Nuclear Electronics Technician (Nuke ET), E-5
  • Systems Specialist, Siemens - Army Air Traffic Control Specialist, E-5

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Resources for Transitioning and Former Military Technicians

Transition Corner

Learn from Veterans who have already made the military to civilian transition, read our step-by-step articles on how to find your next career, and check out our resources for spouses and family members.

Orion's Military Transition Preparation

Whether you have two years or two weeks before you leave active military service, there are many steps you can take prior to your separation date that will position you for success as you transition into the civilian workforce.

Orion's Military Technician Transition Program

After you have gone through the information above, visit our Military Technician Transition Program section for more indepth information, documents, and training specifically for your Military Technician background. Starting with Introduction to Interviewing, This section is designed to provide an overview of the types of interviews and how they are typically structured. While this section is oriented towards an Orion Hiring Conference format, the tips included for Technicians can be applied to any interview.

Orion Talent's Enlisted Technician Transition Guide

This transition guide will walk you through all the important aspects of preparing for your transition. It covers crucial items such as a transition timeline, resume advice, interview preparation, and much more.

Orion Hiring Conferences

An Orion Hiring Conference is your chance to interview with Hiring Managers for positions that are a match with your background, skills and preferences. We offer a full day of interview preparation and plenty of time to study the companies in advance of the event, to set you up for maximum success.

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Job Seeker Success Stories

Search our Military Job Seeker Success Stories on branch, pay grade, location, industry or job title, to learn more about the many places where Orion Alumni have found success in the civilian workforce.

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