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Career Success for Transitioning and Retiring Senior Military Officers (SMOs)

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Orion Talent has had great success in placing Senior Military Officers into civilian careers. Your unmatched leadership skills are highly desirable in the private sector, and are in high demand. Orion Talent understands the qualities of a Senior Military Officer that make you stand out from the civilian crowd, and will work with you to find a career that fits your background, skills, and preferences.

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Ranks We Work With

We typically work with O-4, O-5, and O-6 Field Grade Officers:

Army / Marine Corps / Air Force Navy
As a Major, your specialized leadership capabilities make you well suited for the leadership roles that Orion offers.
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Commanders have the ability to think quickly on their feet, make decisions, and lead a department, all qualities that our client companies desire for their leadership roles.
Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonels are capable of leading very large units, and gain experience directing and leading others throughout their military service - a skill set that is highly desired for many of Orion’s client companies.
As a Commander, you are in charge of small Navy vessels or aircraft squadrons, and your impressive leadership skills are highly sought after in the positions that Orion typically recruits for.
As a Colonel, your seniority and leadership capabilities are unmatched by your civilian counterparts, and Orion Talent is ready to leverage your experience into a promising career.
Your leadership experience as a Captain commanding the largest ships in the Navy greatly surpasses that of your civilian peers, and Orion Talent understands the high level of expertise that you can bring to an organization.

Career Services for Senior Military Officers

Senior Military Officers can take their experiences in the military and leverage them into a new and exciting civilian career. Project Management, Maintenance Management, Technical Management, Logistics, and/or Business Development-related experiences are all skills we see in the highest demand from our client companies.

Our client companies are typically in the private sector, for-profit corporations, representing a very wide range of different industries.

You can be confident in the knowledge that as you gain experience in your new civilian role, the company will view you as an asset to their team, and anything can happen.

The more flexible you can be in terms of where you will work, the better! Everyone has a preference surrounding their post-military career location, and hopefully yours aligns well with the locations in which companies are hiring. Someone who is willing to take a great opportunity anywhere within a region is likely to see more options than if you remain right outside of your last duty station upon retiring. If you are location restricted, you should consider if Sales or Business Development may be right for you, and also think about how much you are willing to travel.

What are some of the best jobs for Senior Military Senior Officers?

Senior Military Officers are well suited for management and other leadership roles. As a Senior Military Officer, you can expect to find success in the following roles:

Project Management

In Project Management, you will lead the work of a team to complete all project goals within the given constraints. As a Senior Military Officer, the military has exposed you to planning and time management, taught you how to multitask, and shown you how to get the job accomplished, making you well equipped for Project Management roles.

jobs for ex military officers

Maintenance/Technical Management

Senior Military Officers know how to take charge and are not afraid to lead. Coupled with a knowledge of maintenance and technical skills, you are a perfect fit to handle Maintenance/Technical Management roles.

jobs for ex military officers


A career in Logistics requires you to be able to see the big picture, adapt quickly to changing circumstances, be calm under pressure, and possess effective problem-solving skills. Senior Military Officers possess all of these qualities and more, and a career in Logistics is a solid fit.

jobs for ex military officers

Business Development

It's no surprise that as a Senior Military Officer, you are an excellent leader, and an even better mentor. The qualities and talents that made you a great Senior Military Officer can help you add value in Business Development, making you an outstanding candidate for these roles.

jobs for ex military officers

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

We are proud to be able to produce exceptional recruiting results like these for clients like the one below.

Orion provided me with all the tools needed to be successful. At the hiring conference, I interviewed with four construction companies, had two follow-up interviews, and subsequently accepted an offer as a Project Engineer with an organization that I can see myself growing with for a long second career.

- U.S. Army, O-5, Air Defense, Project Engineer, Construction

Orion is an untapped resource for retiring O-5s and O-6s who do not wish to work as a government employee or work for the defense industry upon retirement. I was very impressed with Orion's process and would certainly have not found my new career had it not been for Orion's Distinguished Candidate Conference.

- U.S. Navy, O-5, SWO, Cost Estimating Engineer, Chemicals/Glass

Field grade officers should not discount using Orion Talent due to their seniority or time in service. When transitioning, you need as much assistance and advice as you can get. After applying for nearly 75 jobs via the internet, using all the techniques the job search books teach you and speaking with networking contacts throughout, my only two interviews were through Orion.

- U.S. Marine Corps, O-5, Infantry Officer, Project Manager, Manufacturing

The Orion team understood how best to market my specific skills and talents. Without them, I would have never have had this opportunity. My employer trusted Orion to provide them with high quality candidates with the leadership skills they were searching for. Based on my experience, I recommend Orion's services to my friends and associates. They do a great service for our veterans.

- U.S. Air Force, O-6, Store Manager, Retail

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Post Military Careers FAQs

Is Orion Talent a senior military officer headhunter?
Like typical headhunters, Orion Talent does seek out Senior Military Officers who are the perfect fit for the roles they are actively trying to fill. These include upper-level leadership roles, and Senior Military Officers are well-suited to succeed in these positions.

Can Orion Talent help find jobs for Retired Colonels?
Orion Talent can help find careers for retired Colonels, and is an untapped resource for Colonels who do not wish to enter into a government or defense position upon retirement. Retired Colonels should not discount using Orion Talent due to their seniority or time in service.

What other resources does Orion Talent provide for retired military officers?
Orion Talent offers a wealth of assistance and support of retired military officers looking for a career. Our Recruiters are experienced in identifying the skills that military officers possess, and leverage your impressive experience with a career that is a good fit. In addition, our Distinguished Candidate Conferences are designed to showcase your abilities to companies that are looking to hire top military talent.

Orion Talent also provides a collection of transition resources to help ease the process, to include resume writing, interview preparation, military life, and more.