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Podcast: 7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Left the Military

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Transitioning from a military career to the corporate world can be a trying process for the nearly 220,000 U.S. veterans who leave Active Duty each year. Along with the common stressors of translating your military experience to a civilian career and adapting to a new environment, a military-to-civilian transition can bring some unique challenges that you may not have anticipated. An Orion Talent Recruiter, recently joined the From the Battlefield to the Boardroom podcast to discuss what they wished they had known when transitioning out of the military. Listen to the podcast here, and read some of the highlights below.

The “Cost” of Leaving the Military
There are great resources on base that can really walk you through what your budget will look like. You need to think about taxable income, 401K, health insurance, mortgage costs, etc. The transition resources on base can help you figure out what your budget number may be, giving you an estimate of what you are looking for when applying to positions.

In addition, it is important to understand that you may be taking a pay cut. You need to think about your civilian career like when you first entered the military. You probably are not making the same salary as you were when you first joined. You are stepping into a new industry, and need to learn the hard skills. Understand that there will be growth potential and a higher salary earning potential after you've progressed in your career.

The Importance of Self-knowledge
The biggest concern when transitioning out of the military is figuring out where you can apply the skill sets from the military and where you can find that same job satisfaction. Corporate America is so vast, with a variety of industries and positions. Finding your value by completing a strengthsfinder test to learn where your strengths lie is beneficial.

Do your own research on different industries, companies, and what positions veterans have accepted after transitioning. Reach out to your network or a military recruiting firm like Orion Talent to help you understand what would be the best fit for you, and to help you find your next career.

The Benefits of Working with a Military Recruiter
Orion is a resource that helps you make informed decisions that are going to affect your future career and your family's well being; therefore it is important that you are as transparent as possible when working with a military recruiter. Recruiters are hugely beneficial, and can give you guidance on what you are looking for, insight into different careers and industries, and can be an advocate for you during your job search. Recruiters can help revise and polish your resume, help with interview preparation, and give you constructive feedback.

Listen to the podcast to hear the rest of “7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Left the Military.”

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