11 Tips for Hiring in the Construction Industry

11/22/2021 8:15:59 AM

Residential, commercial, or industrial construction projects require skilled talent to run smoothly. But, with workforce challenges facing the industry, managers are left wondering how to find the candidates they need to ensure the seamless operation of their construction project.

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Did You Miss Our Webinar on How to Build an Employer Value Proposition?

11/18/2021 9:07:58 AM

Orion Talent recently presented “EVPs That Stick: How to Build a Magnetic Employer Brand,” a webinar featuring three business and talent acquisition leaders who discuss their employer brand strategies.

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E-BOOK - Military Solutions for the Business of Work: Unexpected Lessons in Getting the Job Done & Getting Ahead

11/11/2021 8:24:03 AM

While the military may be an unexpected source of workforce management insight, our latest e-book shares seven military-inspired workplace lessons provided by four Orion Talent leaders who proudly served in the armed forces.

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Tools and Tech for Increasing Diversity within Your Pipeline

11/4/2021 9:12:35 AM

Last month, Cory Kruse, President of RPO Solutions at Orion Talent, chatted with Joe Matar, VP of Marketing at Brazen, for an episode of Talent Acquisition Talks.

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Why Diversity is Great for Business & How to Improve it

10/28/2021 10:59:48 AM

Corporate understanding of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is evolving. Advancing beyond a box to check, businesses are realizing that DEI is essential, even when it means taking a hard look at entrenched practices and biases.

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How CHROs are Handling Employee Retention & Workplace Agility

10/21/2021 9:15:57 AM

“Not recruiting is the best recruiting.” That memorable quote helped kick off the fall meeting of Orion Talent’s CHRO Roundtable—a group of senior HR leaders and friends of Orion who gather every few months to share HR, talent acquisition, and workforce management best practices.

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Tales from the Recruiting Crypt

10/18/2021 9:17:57 AM

What do Transylvania, nuts and bolts, bandages, and sewers have to do with talent acquisition? Not much, unless you are part of a recruiting horror story!

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[WEBINAR] Register Now - EVPs That Stick: How to Build a Magnetic Employer Brand

10/14/2021 8:24:36 AM

With the competition for talent stiffer than ever before, it's critical to make sure your business is getting the right attention from prospective employees.

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What’s Changing in Talent Acquisition

10/7/2021 9:24:39 AM

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA), a professional association serving the global RPO community, recently introduced a new blog series dedicated to sharing insights from prominent RPO leaders about the evolving talent acquisition landscape.

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How to Recruit Top IT Talent & Tech Candidates

9/30/2021 7:26:58 AM

Recruiting top tech talent is tough. Candidates with the right skills get scooped up fast, and many never even go on the market.

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