Stay Competitive with Temp-to-Perm and Contract Staffing Services

8/5/2021 12:21:41 PM

The recent market surge has created a candidate's job market in which good talent has never been harder to find. This, coupled with continued uncertainty has many companies considering contingent workforce solutions including contract, temp, and temp-to-perm employees.

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How to Create a Successful Onboarding Strategy for New Hires

7/29/2021 6:28:52 PM

Onboarding is arguably more important than ever before. With the talent shortage heightened and more than half the workforce expected to look for a new job in 2021, onboarding is critical.

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5 Issues on the Minds of Visionary CHROs (And How They’re Handling Them)

7/22/2021 8:18:53 AM

It’s no exaggeration to say that over the 18 months HR and its leaders have had to become centers of business innovation and transformation. How are they doing and keeping pace with the constant change and challenge of a work world remade?

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How to Work With a Finance Recruitment Agency

7/16/2021 10:22:43 AM

Finding the right talent in this tight labor market can be tough. This is especially tough when you need an experienced professional who will be responsible, even in part, for your company’s financial positioning.

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Do CFOs Need Industry Experience?

7/15/2021 11:06:32 AM

In her recent article for, Yasmine O’Brien, Director of Financial Recruiting for Orion Talent, writes how much industry experience a CFO needs. In it, Yasmine explains when candidates should have qualifying industry experience and when you need to make concessions.

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How Military Talent Can Help the Automotive Industry Battle the Chip Shortage

7/1/2021 8:20:15 AM

We have all heard about the chip shortage brought on by the quick contraction and following expansion of various markets due to COVID-19.

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What Does Your Hiring Process Tell Candidates About Your Company?

6/24/2021 10:45:50 AM

Far too many HR leaders still believe that it really doesn’t matter how candidates feel about their hiring process. The general attitude is that if they want the job, then candidates will just have to suffer through their organization’s process — no matter how exhausting and ridiculous it might be.

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Military Hiring for the Pharmaceutical Industry

6/17/2021 9:51:20 AM

If you have ever considered hiring military talent for pharma roles, we'd like to invite you to listen to a podcast in which Orion Talent CEO Mike Starich recently participated from, "The Strength of Veterans in Pharma".

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Guest Post: The Benefits and Challenges of Team Building in a Global Environment

6/10/2021 9:33:42 AM

With the introduction of quarantines and self-isolation due to the pandemic, each of us spent much more time in our home. Working remotely under these conditions is not an easy task. Self-isolation has divided teams.

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Why You Should be Hiring JMOs

6/3/2021 11:13:30 AM

In their recent article for Recruiting Daily, Mike Starich and Tim Isacco, CEO and COO of Orion Talent, explore why Corporate America should hire Junior Military Officers (JMOs).

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