5 Talent Management Metrics Your Company Should Know and Use

11/17/2020 10:56:21 AM

Talent Metrics are an integral part of any talent management strategy. Evaluating the employee performance, expenses, and turnover will provide important metrics that will help make strategic decisions.

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Recruitment Marketing: The Definitive Guide For Recruiting Leaders

11/11/2020 12:36:46 PM

Recruitment marketing is one of those trendy terms being used to describe much of the work that recruiters and their organizations are already doing to attract top talent and keep their recruiting pipelines full.

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Orion Talent is Celebrating - 2020 HIRE Vets Gold Medallion & 50,000th Veteran Hire

11/11/2020 9:30:48 AM

Veterans Day is celebrated today; but, at Orion Talent, every day is about veterans!

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Guide to Employer Branding and Recruitment

11/4/2020 8:55:52 AM

You may be wondering what Employer Branding is, how it relates to recruitment, and why you should care. Read on for the answers to all of these questions.

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Considering Returning to In-Person Interviews? Read This First

11/2/2020 8:21:06 AM

To interview in person or not...it is a complicated question that many an employer is beginning to ask.

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RPO Talent Acquisition Strategy for Your Organization

10/28/2020 8:32:49 AM

Attracting and recruiting great talent doesn’t just happen. Organizations need a well-thought-out strategy.

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An Orion Hiring Conference is Not a Job Fair

10/22/2020 8:59:39 AM

While Orion has not fully transitioned back to in-person events, we are quickly gearing up to welcome our candidates and clients back in a safe way.

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Recruiting Beyond 2020 - WATCH THE WEBINAR

10/8/2020 9:20:06 AM

Orion Talent’s first virtual summit, Recruiting Beyond 2020, was held on October 1 to kick off Q4 2020.

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How to Extend a Job Offer the Right Way

10/7/2020 10:32:18 AM

When you’re trying to close with a promising candidate, time is of the essence.

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Time to Fill Vs Time to Hire

10/6/2020 1:51:23 PM

There are many metrics that help Talent Acquisition professionals, Hiring Managers, and Human Resources departments gain insight into the effectiveness of their recruiting efforts. They need to examine not only each step of the process but how it affects the job candidates involved in that process.

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