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Leadership Development Programs

Leveraging a Leadership Development Program to Fuel Growth

Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Development Programs (LDP), while not as common as traditional management, engineering, or sales opportunities, present an ingenious way to mentor your company's next generation of leaders. At Orion, we have matched many forward-thinking companies with Junior Military Officers to fuel these programs and drive business growth.


     Companies Leveraging LDPs



What is a Leadership Development Program?

There is no one-size-fits-all Leadership Development Program. However, there is a general feel to a Leadership Development Program that fosters an environment of growth. Overall, a Leadership Development Program is a program designed to expose JMOs to different areas of your business, allowing them to experience professional growth and the ability to lead through all segments. Additional Leadership Development Program features include:

  • Offer rotational opportunities, hands-on mentoring, classroom development, networking opportunities, and varied assignments
  • Success is often measured based on the promotions, leadership, and business growth caused by these candidates
  • Requires candidates to start out at one location and then relocate to another office to learn about the corporate functions
  • May even offer the option to complete their MBA
  • Candidates assigned a permanent position either at corporate or in the field at completion

In this episode of Call to Order, Orion Talent Senior Account Executive Adam Swartz joins the podcast to share his experience in a Leadership Development Program, and how companies should structure, set expectations, run, and fund an LDP.

Types of Leadership Development Programs

Who Should I Consider for a Leadership Development Program?

Leadership Development Programs are for candidates that want to learn, prove themselves as a valued team member, and have a desire to become a business leader. Ideal candidates include:

  • Junior Military Officers from a Tier I school to include Service Academy graduates and/or college athletes.
  • Bachelor's degree at minimum
  • Strong track record of performance
  • Geographically flexible
  • Growth/promotion potential
  • Demonstrated leadership skills

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