WEBINAR - Recruiting Rules to Break: Outdated Talent Acquisition Strategies to Leave Behind

Orion Talent and talent acquisition experts discuss why breaking old recruiting rules and outdated talent acquisition habits now can help your business find the talent you need today and lead your company tomorrow.

When the old rules of recruiting are not working, it's time to break them. Join Orion Talent and a panel of talent acquisition industry experts to explore why this challenging talent market is the perfect opportunity to toss out tired recruiting conventions and try innovative new approaches. From using "likeability" and "culture fit" to screen talent to stumping interviewees with unanswerable questions, there are plenty of old hiring practices that need to be thrown out the window to get great talent in the door.

Some of the questions we answered in this webinar are:

  • Why, in times like these, it's important to break some recruiting rules.
  • Recruiting approaches that no longer make sense (and could harm your workforce).
  • New and innovative recruiting strategies that address the challenging job market and the changing needs and goals of candidates today.

Meet our panelists:

  • Katie Mychalowych, Internal Talent Lead, Orion Talent

    Katie Mychalowych
    Internal Talent Lead
    Orion Talent

  • Mark Baudler, Corporate Director of Human Resources, Panduit

    Mark Baudler
    Corporate Director of Human Resources

  • Dan Cable, Talent Acquisition Supervisor, Vitesco Technologies

    Dan Cable
    Talent Acquisition Supervisor
    Vitesco Technologies

  • Talee Brock, Vice President, Business Development, Orion Talent - Moderator

    Talee Brock
    Vice President, Business Development
    Orion Talent (Moderator)


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