The Great Resignation:

How to Bring Back (and Keep) Women in the Workforce

As we prepare to kick off Women's History Month, Orion Talent's diversity webinar series turned the focus on recruitment and retention strategies that can help businesses strengthen and rebuild the ranks of women across their workforces. Underscoring the critical needs of retaining the talent they have now, as well as filling the gaps created during the Great Resignation, our recent webinar explored why so many women left the workforce or changed jobs in recent years and what can be done about it.

Can businesses offer the kind of employment value proposition needed to attract and retain this essential segment of workers in today's transformed work environment? This webinar tackles the issue with a dynamic panel of talent acquisition and HR experts who are working through these challenges in their own organizations.

Some of the questions we answered in this webinar are:

  • Why did women leave the workforce and where did they go?
  • Should we expect continued attrition among women in the workplace?
  • What can businesses do to retain female employees and attract new ranks of women?
  • How can women and men support a workplace that works for all?

Meet our panelists:

  • Sakita Douglas, Chief Talent Officer, Harris County

    Sakita Douglas
    Chief Talent Officer
    Harris County

  • Allison Joyce, VP Talent Partner, Walmart

    Allison Joyce
    VP Talent Partner

  • Laura Schmiegel, SVP Strategic Partnerships, Orion Talent

    Laura Schmiegel
    SVP Strategic Partnerships
    Orion Talent (Moderator)


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