WEBINAR - Back to the Basics: The Building Blocks of an Authentic DEI Strategy

In a recent webinar, Orion Talent and a panel of DEI and HR thought leaders focused on identifying the most important building blocks businesses need to turn their DEI intentions into effective programs that nurture inclusivity, expand diversity, create equity, and boost recruitment and retention.

An increasing number of job seekers are seeking fulfilling careers at companies with strong, authentic diversity programs. With this in mind, business and people leaders need to ensure that their DEI programs are effective and growing. These leaders need current and potential employees to see their DEI values and practices reflected in the business and its workforce. To ensure this, DEI must be rooted in authenticity, one of the essential building blocks of DEI success and a key theme in our Webinar, Back to the Basics: The Building Blocks of an Authentic DEI Strategy.

What Will You Learn?

  • What it means to be authentic in DEI work and strategy.
  • The core building blocks for creating enduring and effective DEI strategy.
  • What DEI success look like.
  • What businesses are getting right (and wrong) in DEI today.


Meet our panelists:

  • Cheri Brumbaugh, Manager, Workforce Planning & Staffing Analytics, Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

    Cheri Brumbaugh
    Manager, Workforce Planning & Staffing Analytics
    Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

  • Chris Moreland, President & CEO, Moreland Accord

    Chris Moreland
    President & CEO
    Moreland Accord

  • Shanté Williams, Vice President, People and Culture, Orion Talent - Moderator

    Shanté Williams
    Vice President, People and Culture
    Orion Talent (Moderator)


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