Challenging the Norm: Consciously Addressing Unconscious Bias

Learn how to address unconscious bias within your organization by watching this free webinar.

Everyone, from the C-Suite to the individual contributors within a company, wants their workplace to be a space for engagement, innovation, productivity, and growth. Key to achieving that goal (and the success that comes with it) is uncovering and removing unconscious biases that keep people from fulfilling their potential.

Join Orion Talent, Hirepurpose, and three visionary people and business leaders recently shared real-world insights on where they see race, gender and age biases crop up, and how they help their workforces act consciously and work differently. Discover how they are going beyond check-the-box DEI tactics and digging deeper into their unique business cultures to change workforce norms and build environments that promote understanding.

Some of the questions we answer in this webinar are:

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • How do you identify unconscious bias in the workplace?
  • How do you avoid unconscious bias?
  • How can you reduce unconscious bias in the workplace?

Meet our panelists:

  • John Chiminski, CEO, Catalent

    John Chiminski

  • Eric Leef, CHRO, Hertz

    Eric Leef

  • Adam Holton, CHRO, Numotion

    Adam Holton

  • Ashley Owens, Client Success Manager, Hirepurpose

    Ashley Owens
    Client Success Manager
    Hirepurpose (Moderator)


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